Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

(This was from Kaelyn's Delivery, Ryan wanted a picture of me in pain while he was eating McDonalds....even though he tends to find humor in situations where he shouldn't, I still want him there)
Great news...Ryan should (there are no garuntees in the military) be here when I deliver baby three. This has been a HUGE concern of mine, but since his waiver is still sitting on some desk somewhere, his commander has decided to keep him in his new position until the jobs done, send him to some additional training school for a month, send him on local/short missions for another month, and then keep him sort of close to home until I deliver, with a deployment scheduled ASAP afterwards (maybe we'll have 4 weeks, if I get my wish). Even though he'll be stateside, he'll be gone a lot, but I am SO NOT complaining! We are also still wishing and hoping that his waiver gets pushed through and he comes off his current status!

In other news...

Anna's vocabulary is GROWING! She's starting to use two word sentences more regularly, recognizing colors and FINALLY enjoying swim lessons! She kicks and "scoops", jumps in the pool, goes under the water with eyes and mouth closed, and can blow bubbles! This is HUGE compared to the fact that the first two sessions were spent with me having to pry little nails out of my skin or fight to keep my swimsuit on due to her CLAWING.

Kaelyn's doing great with school work. Can write, recognize, and make the sounds of all her letters. She shows interest in learning how to read, but the desire to put forth the work isn't there yet, so I'm not pushing. She LOVES doing school work, and her favorite things involve math, cutting and drawing/writing. She's also very excited about the new baby.

I'm offically 1/2 done cooking the next Baby! Ryan finds out on Thursday what we are having, but I'd like for it to remain a surprise. The baby is the size of a cantalope!

This is the point where I started having SERIOUS problems with Anna...problems that resulted in me landing in the hospital for a week or more, having some intense drugs put into my system, and Ryan getting to leave his TDY (it's like a mini deployment) about 2 weeks earlier than planned (would have been sooner, but these things never are easy to make happen). So far, I have frequent contractions, but nothing that is regular or bothersome. Some days are worse than others, but I've managed to take it easy when needed and prevent any hospital stay or continual's hoping that the next couple of weeks are just as good!


Kim said...

I'm so glad Ryan should be home for the delivery! Great news! I can't believe you're going to let him find out the baby's gender, but you won't know. I just didn't let my hubby find out - I was afraid he'd spill the beans! (It helped that we were in England, and you have to pay extra for a separate U/S appt. there to find out the gender...)Good luck - I hope there are no complications this time.