Monday, March 15, 2010

Meal Plan Monday-Envelope budget week 1

Well, I didn't make it to the store (yet), must be the weather but the girls (and I don't just mean my two, I mean our two ballet buddies and their younger sibilings) all suffered from a serious case of Meltdown Monday, that means that until nap is done...we WON'T be venturing out in public again for fear of bodily harm or loss of sanity...or both...Meltdown Monday is a SERIOUS ailment. But, when I do, I hope to show you all how I'm doing on my "envelope budget". I'm going to do weekly amounts for this week it's  $100. Luckily, we have almost all our meals in our freezer/pantry and will hopefully roll some money over or throw it into savings! I'm also going to plan out lunches for once...because Ryan is taking his lunch and I've fallen into the "pregnancy trap" of being hungry and seeing a commercial  which makes me hungry for fastfood way tooo often!

So here is our Meal Plan Monday

Monday-            Ate Lunch out with our Ballet Buddies- $9.00
                         Lamb and Asparagus with a risotto for the adults/Pizza for the kiddos ( In the interest of being honest, this was written before I actually went to the grocery store and the girls ended up eating Ice Cream, Cheese Strings, Chicken strips, and a bannana because they did an EXCEPTIONAL job at the store despite it being REALLY late and I didn't feel like cooking. Ryan and I ate leftovers from his breakfast that he provided for his flight this morning).

Tuesday-       Eating breakfast out (we are going to be at the car dealership for maintenence and recall stuff ALL DAY)
                      Sandwiches/Lunchables for Lunch...hopefully at home, but may also be at the dealership
                      Ryan will have leftover lamb   sandwich?
                     Crockpot Meal for Dinner- Confetti Chicken over Rice (thank you MOPS)
(four frozen chicken breast, jar of salsa, can of black beans, can of corn, and 8 oz cream cheese....put the first four ingredients in the crockpot for four hours on high. 30 mins prior to serving plop on the cream cheese! Serve over rice!)

                     Lunch at the Daycare, I have a meeting, Ryan has Leftovers
                     Dinner at a Friends for St Patty's Day, making some yummy chocolate cupcakes!
                     Sandwiches For All
                    Hot Dogs and sweet potato fries
                    Tilapia and Rice
                    Leftover Beans from the Freezer in Bean tacos/burritos
                    Breakfast for dinner (biscuits, sausage, gravey, pancakes, fruit, yogurt)
Sunday-       Shrimp Pasta/something (it was a great deal 1 lb for $4.95)
                    Date night for dinner (free...won a gift card!) Friends will babysit and feed youngun's

Just got back from the store and from the Grocery Budget I spent...$100.28
BUT- From that I have Bacon/OJ/Bread/Chicken breast/Salad/Cheese/Eggs/Cereal for next week...all of which are staples in our home, bought weekly/bi-weekly. I also spent $12 on a large thing of trashbags...which shouldn't count as groceries, but I'm letting it!
And here is what we have for next week's Grocery budget! $99.72



Anonymous said...

love the post! :)

i need to do the envelope system since our food budget is so high! do you do cash or just i can only spend this amount?

Brandie said...

I plan on using cash, but I haven't made it to the bank (yet...should be there this afternoon) so i calculated as I shopped, then when I go I'll just get the remaining amount. Although, if your going to do cash, make sure you have a 20 to cover overages!

Anonymous said...

oh yea that would totally stink if you didn't have anything extra! I think I'm going to try it this thursday: going to Aldi so i should do get alot of bang for the buck :)

Rona's Home Page said...

Your menu plan sounds delicious. I've heard of the envelope system but never tried it.

I really enjoy MPM because I'm able to get loads of recipe ideas.

Just another reason for loving blogging.

Well, I've got to get back to some window shopping on QVC. They have a beautiful water fountain for indoors and outdoors.

noel said...

Great meal plan!

Envelope method is really the best way in budgeting your money..there are envelope budget software that are available online for easy budgeting/tracking every penny in your wallet.