Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just a tad bit frustrated

I have been using the Blogpress app to write and post, and I have written about 3 post, hit publish and then POOF they are gone :(

So here is the recap

-I started couponing, and am addicted.

-We are home and are trying to get back into the swing of things. My family decided to give us an extra special parting gift of the stomach virus...thankfully we are all recovered and no one landed a trip to the hospital (it was a bad strand and two of my friends kiddos ended up in the hospital because of it).

-We hit the ground running with 2 therapy sessions on Monday, Neurology (and car maintenance) appointments today, a new Mom meal tomorrow and then a quick trip to a friends cabin for the weekend (after Thursdays therapy of course).

-nolen started scooting at my Moms. It's not much, it's not pretty, but it's forward movement and I'll take it!

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can you say burnout?

I was really feeling the pressure with all the new therapies, doctors appointments, and other I packed the kids up and ran away mamas!

My stash for the ride...:-)

I get to enjoy sunsets with my Anna on my parents new balcony (in their GORGEOUS home that can hold the entire family, first time we have ever fit in a house)...

My four siblings have come in town and I got to spend the day having fun with the kids...something I don't get to do very often...because we are always going, always doing therapy, or schoolwork, or work, or a thousand other things.

We went for a walk-- and yes there are extra toes...those are my darling nieces (5, and one is missing)!

We explored some empty bird nests, old cows bones, look for a mermaid in the pond, and played a very long and somewhat hysterical game of Sorry.

Tomorrow my one missing niece will be here...I can't wait!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I love our "family"

A fellow military wife was lamenting the woes of "Grandparents" day at her children's schools and how it really just salts the wound of not having your "real" family close enough for these type of things.

And then tonight I hosted a good, ole fashioned slumber party and realized that these little girls (and their moms)...

Are part of our New Jersey/Military Family.

And I love these little ladies (and their Moms!).

Kaelyn and her friends are enjoying a night of fun. Heart shaped pizzas, movies, popcorn, cookies...laughs and memories! While my dear sweet Anna spends the night with her Best Friend Hunter...

(Ryan is not a fan of his mothers sense of humor...she added a candle to make the dinner for 2 much more romantic)

I don't think I say it enough, but I love my kids and I love our makeshift family!

I love that I can ask these ladies for anything, that they can come pick my kids up at 4 am from the ER, they think to send my husband a copy of our daughters first soccer game when he is deployed, that I have sat and cheered on their daughters at soccer games and dance recitals and felt the same swell of pride I feel for my children. That they will help me find the humor in anything and when its not there, pass a glass of wine and drink a toast to shared worries and the woes of Grandparents day.

These ladies not only get "it", they get me.

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