Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just a tad bit frustrated

I have been using the Blogpress app to write and post, and I have written about 3 post, hit publish and then POOF they are gone :(

So here is the recap

-I started couponing, and am addicted.

-We are home and are trying to get back into the swing of things. My family decided to give us an extra special parting gift of the stomach virus...thankfully we are all recovered and no one landed a trip to the hospital (it was a bad strand and two of my friends kiddos ended up in the hospital because of it).

-We hit the ground running with 2 therapy sessions on Monday, Neurology (and car maintenance) appointments today, a new Mom meal tomorrow and then a quick trip to a friends cabin for the weekend (after Thursdays therapy of course).

-nolen started scooting at my Moms. It's not much, it's not pretty, but it's forward movement and I'll take it!

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Kim said...

Yay for forward movement. Hold on to that!!

welcome to our wonderland said...

yippee that is awesome about forward movement!!!

sorry about your post I lost a whole blog once.

Melonie said...

WOOHOO! to scooting! :-)

Bummer about the posts - but glad everything else is looking up! Congrats on the coupons - I'm pretty addicted myself. Enjoy the savings!

Leslie said...

I think that's a great motto for life in general. "It's not much. It's not pretty, but it's forward motion and I'll take it!" :) Glad you're having some good steps lately (stomach bug excluded). :)