Sunday, May 1, 2011

How far we have come!

*sorry for my man voice in the video, had a hideous cold! Also, the picture of Nolen with the girls is the most recent of my big man!*
I have been promising this post for quite some it goes! Check out how much progress we have made! (More like He has made)

From IVs, EEGs, Oxygen, Warmer beds, and NG tube

From postioning rolls, head turns, and mobiles

From meal time weight checks, calculations and conversions

From not being able to lift our head, open our hands, clear our nose from the floor, laugh or smile

Sitting and playing with our sisters

Laughing, smiling, eating and babbling babas and mamas

To scooting, rolling and moving.

We are far from perfect, months from normal, and absolutely blessed to be where we are! The progress he has made in the past 7 months leaves me breathless, he has done more than I dared hope for!


butterfly wishes wonderland dreams said...

WOW he has gone so far!!! He is doing wonderful!!!!

LOVE this post!!!

Kim said...

Seeing him sitting with his sisters blew me away! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

Marcela said...

I am blown away, and so happy for you guys, well done brandie for pushing with therapies and getting him so far already!!!!!!!