Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can you say burnout?

I was really feeling the pressure with all the new therapies, doctors appointments, and other I packed the kids up and ran away mamas!

My stash for the ride...:-)

I get to enjoy sunsets with my Anna on my parents new balcony (in their GORGEOUS home that can hold the entire family, first time we have ever fit in a house)...

My four siblings have come in town and I got to spend the day having fun with the kids...something I don't get to do very often...because we are always going, always doing therapy, or schoolwork, or work, or a thousand other things.

We went for a walk-- and yes there are extra toes...those are my darling nieces (5, and one is missing)!

We explored some empty bird nests, old cows bones, look for a mermaid in the pond, and played a very long and somewhat hysterical game of Sorry.

Tomorrow my one missing niece will be here...I can't wait!


Nature Trails and Nature Tales said...

so glad you were able to get away and just be able to relax if even a little.

enjoy your time, take them up on their offers for help and maybe get some extra sleep or alone time you deserve it! :)

Shannon (from Welcome to Our wonderland) but logging my nature blog id. (check it out if you want!)

Kim said...

SO glad you took a break!