Monday, March 22, 2010

Meal Plan Monday-Crazy Week #2/Budget week 2

So, this week is just as CRAZY as last week! Which means, tomorrow night, the girls will be fed by Dad...sooo can we all say hello Mac and Cheese?

Today-Lunch at ChicFila Playdate -$8
           Dinner at Taco Bell (our financial meeting went from 5-7)
Tuesday-Lunch (PBJ and followed by $1 sundaes at McDonalds if the weather is pretty for more playing)
            Dinner Mac N Cheese
Wednesday-Lunch-Hotdogs, leftover Mac N Cheese and fruit
            Dinner- Fried Chicken with Corn on the Cob and Turnip Greens
Thursday-Lunch- Leftover fried chicken for Dad/Cheesesticks wrapped in Deli Meat with yogurt and fruit
            Dinner-Salad topped with left over Fried Chicken and Corn
Friday-Lunch-Sandwiches for all!
           Dinner- Shrimp Pasta
Saturday- Lunch- Veggie pasta
                Dinner-Breakfast for dinner (huge hit last week, and bacon was on sale buy one get one for we have eggs bacon and biscuits in the fridge!)
Sunday- Lunch-Leftovers
              Dinner-Shrimp Scampi, Green Beans and Salad or leftover grilled veggies from pasta!

I'm hoping that I will be able to stay well under budget despite our need for Shampoo for the girls/Dishwashing packets for the Dishwasher/few other cleaning supplies or household goods. Our amount for this week's groceries is right at $99...luckily, I have most of the items!

Go here to see other GREAT menus!


Our Cozy Little Book and Art Corner said...

sounds like a great menu i love how you carry foods over into other dinners but recreate them!

we love dinner for breakfast and our cinnamon roll pancakes are a HUGE hit!

Brandie said...

I HATE leftovers as leftovers...but I want my girls to be able to eat "poorly" just in case they ever have to sustain themselves...and I also hate I've got to get creative!