Saturday, March 6, 2010

Preschool Corner- Seuss, C, and Workboxes

So, March 2 wasDr. Seuss' Birthday! In addition to starting our Calander Binder's this week (and workboxes), we focused on the letter C for our writing pages and our sight word is Can.

We did some cutting exercises!

Pattern Puzzles!

Spelling/Magnet letters

So, on Tuesday we had Green Eggs and Cat and the Hat...and did our C worksheets.

(I've learned that after nap with a snack is the BEST time to read! The girls were entrance through three stories!)

After nap we read Green Eggs and Ham, started our Egg experiment (I included the finished pictures from the next day).

Kaelyn holding the end product...a gooey egg!

Egg in Vinegar over night.

Comparing the Regular egg with the Vinegar disolved the shell egg, and the insides!

Kaelyn played with my first printable ever!
I made story cards for Kaelyn. The cards were pictures of places where Sam-I-am tried to get the main character(anyone know his name?) to eat Green Eggs and Ham. Kaelyn matched the words to the pictures and helped tape them to popsicle sticks. We reread the story, and as Sam suggested a place Kaelyn held up the picture card and then made the appropriate face show!
It would be a great activity for a group of older kids because Kaelyn was slightly overwhelmed by the number of cards since the places come so quickly in the story.  Although she LOVES using the cards to retell the story to her dad and sister!

Tomorow we are reading Horton Hear a Who, making elephant ears and a clover as well as writing her C page for her Alphabet book! We will also be catching up on our calander binder. Can I just say that it's AWESOME how quickly she has caught on to the pattern of this month! And it's amazing how much work we accomplish now that we have the workboxes(made from cereal boxes).

I am excited to see what the other ladies at Preschool Corner have done this week!


Brandie said...

I would love to share but don't know how...any tips?

Our Cozy Little Book and Art Corner said...

your printable looks great :)

LOVE your Carpet that is so pretty :)

Looks like a great great week and alot of fun

Our Cozy Little Book and Art Corner said...

you can load it onto google docs or in Scrib and then embed it into the email if you need any help just let me know

Brandie said...

Thanks for the tips, our area rug was bought on sale at Home Depot! Just watch for their sales! They also gave us a delicious military discount!

Debbie said...

I love your egg experiment. We did egg tosses last summer with a raw egg and hard boiled egg.

Our Cozy Little Book and Art Corner said...

I thought I had seen it :)

oh and i meant blog post not email for the embedding the google doc or scrib.

Kim said...

Love your printable!