Friday, March 26, 2010

Preschool Corner Review

I am so excited to report that we managed to do THREE whole days of school in addition to

That's all five of our kids (Link is still too young to sit at the kids table)...waiting patiently to eat! Shocking!

Thursday- School/Ultrasound
Friday-Breakfast with Dad, Swim Lessons/School

Thankfully, NEXT WEEK IS EMPTY other than Dance and Swim and I can't be more relieved or excited!

Kaelyn learned about Jesus feeding the masses while Anna and I spent the morning at MOPS singing and playing with other children. It was a great chance for me to catch up with friend who was also working my room! Kaelyn is really starting to grasp the concept of a budget, and that REALLY excites me!

We have been playing in our sensory box  A LOT! The girls are still enthralled with the idea of having one and aren't really task oriented yet. But, this sucker buys me an hour to cook/clean/sit/sleep/etc and only costs me five minutes of sweeping! Maybe we'll be able to make it more "educational" as the new wears off!

The girls decided to play the "go fish" game. Which they picked and started as I was getting them ready for "school time". I observed, and not only did Anna work on her fine motor skills (getting the fish cards to sit in the boat), Kaelyn was able to recognize all the numbers and sort the fish cards by color.

See her sorting by color and saying the numbers outloud. This is GREAT because Anna was observing and repeating her sister! She can say pink and orange now!

Anna working on her "worksheet", she demands them when Kaelyn is working on hers.

Speaking of worksheets, I am so glad that we've been working "through" a book because it's shown where Kaelyn is weak and strong. For example, Kaelyn is GREAT at manipulating numbers and counting/adding, puzzles, writing letters, recognizing phonics sounds, and grasping some basic science concepts as well as opposites. She is weak in certain phrasings of position words (understand when you ask what is "in between" two objects, but doesn't understand when you ask her to point out the one between the others), writing her numbers, counting the numbers 13,14,15, but can count past twenty no problem, reading or blending her phonics. The book has really helped point out areas where I have been lacking, or where we have thought she knew more than she did.

A counting page, see how her numbers are not recognizable at all! If I didn't hear her as she started to write them down, I would have assumed she had no clue how to do the sheet. The knowledge is there, the ability to write isn't. (Although she did write a perfect 4 later on.)

Doing her number chart! I recorded her completeing it. She needs prompting as she moves from the new teen placement (thirty, fourty, fifty, etc), but recognizes when her hand gets ahead of her mouth...and corrects herself. The biggest achievement came during our calander time when she said "Today is the 24th, my birthday is on the 26th so it's not today! That's sad."

After our very bumpy trip to the dentist (she was fine after I had to bribe her to open her mouth), the girls shared a popsicle on the back porch and was quite a sweet little moment!

Kaelyn wrote her E page...check out that Easter Egg she drew! She is really loving her book and "reads" it often...which is great because each page has it's own sight word...and she's remembering them without drills or flashcards! I wish I had taken a picture of the end results, because she also drew a pretty amazing Easter Bunny.

Working on her sight words (after she sat the dinner plates out, it's one of her chores). This is great because she's learning how to spell them, read them, and reinforces the letters!

Anna decided to skip working on her matching magnets (animal fronts to backs) and play us some music while we worked.

This AMAZING! It's the Job Chart from OrganizeItMom that I won a few weeks back. Kaelyn TOTALLY gets the point concept this chart puts forth! The top half has things that need to be done "Do It" and then spots for you to put them when you "Did It". Each job is worth whatever point you decide to give it, we do 1pt/chore and are using it to help with our adding skills! After showing Kaelyn that it worked much like a board game and that you could "earn" points for prizes (10 pt=Movie and a Snack, 20=Ice Cream, 30=Toy from Dollar Tree) she counted the number of chores available (6) and proclaimed, "Mom,
I can't get ten." I told her that you had to earn them over a period of time, and she quickly got to work doing as much as possible! Then she started coming up with her own chores that she could do for points...and I did allow her to make up her own chores, because what kind of mom says no to that! So, in two days time, she earned 10 points and got her movie...which I now have to go turn off! This was our week in review at Preschool Corner!


Debbie said...

Looks like a great week! Selena has problems when counting of getting fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen, but can count up to 50. Using a chart she never messes up, just when she is counting from her head. The teens always seem to throw kids off.

sbswtp said...

What a fun week!!! I love your job chart :)

Kim said...

Wow, awesome week. Your girls are doing so well!

Susana said...

That picture of the girls having their popsicle is so cute!

So, do you have 5 kids? I thought there were only two, but maybe I'm confused.

Your weeks seem so fun, you guys do alot at home and out and about!

Brandie said...

Susanna- I only have the 2...The others are borrowed! LOL That's our weekly "play group", and I had to post proof that all five kids actually do sit and eat at the same time. Although, tonight I'm watching all five so that my friends can have date nights (they return the favor).

Debbie- I wonder what it is about the teens???

Our Country Road said...

Doesnt it feel good to accomplish 3 days of school?! We are pretty new to this, too, and having multiple distraction free days is so great. Looks like you all have a lot of fun at your school! Cute blog, looking forward to checking it out.

Shelby said...

Hi there! I discovered your blog through Homeschool Creations. You have a cute little space over here. I'm going to 'follow' you! Stop in and see us sometime if you get the chance!!


Raising a Happy Child said...

Great week! It's great that Caelyn is trying to write numbers and letters even if they don't come out perfect. Anna just refuses to do something she is not too comfortable with - she was this way ever since she was a baby. Hopefully one day the missing skills will just click - yours in reading, ours in writing :)