Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I WON---And I need YOUR help!

Yep! That's right, in case you don't remember, I participated in I'm an Organizing Junkie's 28 Day Challenge for Small spaces and ended up with a GORGEOUS and FUNctional Laundry! Even better news is that I won (third prize)! So first off, let me thank Organizing Junkie, List Plan it and OrganizeitMom!

Now, on to my prizes...
One of my prizes is a free year long membership to List Plan It! I'll let you know how that site is once I go exploring! (Thank you listplanit!)

My other prize is to go to this great little online store called OrganizeItMom and pick out $30.00 worth of items...which is a lot given the fact that her products are
 1. Reuseable
 2. Reasonable Prices/Affordable
 3. FUNctional on a daily (or near daily) basis
 4. Are going to save me time and effort

There are SOOO many things that I want from this site, but there is only one DEFINITE because it spoke to me...yep it spoke to that nerdy/organizational side of my brain and said "Brandie, you NEED me!". It also spoke to my thrifty side (I know, nuts that this side would even speak up since I won this great prize!) and said "I'm also only $4.50 which leaves you with a whopping $25.50 left to spend!". It's this FANTASTIC Grocery/Menu Magnetic list  that you can wipe off and reuse each time. Did I mention that it's brightly colored and has different color coding for different sections of the store! No more digging around in my purse, no more  Envelope grocery lists for this lady! I can also see myself handing it over to a grumpy 2 year old to draw on as we wait in line to check out! the why I need your help part.
What do I get with my remaining $25.50? What would you see yourself using? Did I overlook anything?
Here are some of my "maybes"

A Schoolwork Chart- My girls are a little young for this now, but I totally see it being beneficial in the future!
Routine Cards- These are some of the chores that I have Kaelyn do now, and see adding to Anna in the  near future.
Job Chart

There are other items I really love the idea of having, especially when the girls get older! So, what do you think I should get? Suggestions please! Go to OrganizeitMom and shop around for me!


Our Cozy Little Book and Art Corner said...

congrats!!!! you did great so glad you won!!!

I won't be much help i love all 3 but my order would be:

routine cards
school chart
job chart

can't wait to see what you pick!

Our Cozy Little Book and Art Corner said...

I LOVE the Todays fun board! that could be used for so many things!!!!

Brandie said...

Thanks! See why I'm having to ask for help! LOL So many cute/fun things!