Monday, March 1, 2010


Ever felt like you needed one of these on a daily basis? For the past month, I have been STRUGGLING to find my pace and not feel like I'm treading water, or not treading and just barely keeping my head above water.  I've had a hard time finding my know, the rhythm of life, the ability to take anything in stride and make it work. To have the RIGHT kind of perspective...the one that makes bad or less than ideal situations perfect. Maybe it's just me, maybe you guys don't need mojo, but I do, and somebody totally hijjacked it.

So to help get my mojo back (because the thief is totally not going to hand it over willingly), I decided to identify what was making me feel like I wasn't able to tread water like I normally could and address it  or let it go! Didn't have to pay a penny for that realization...gotta thank my Psychology minor for that little insight!

1. My laundry was overwhelming me. So, organizing my laundry has all seriousness...having one little spot in my life where I spend a TON of my time organized has helped me get a even on nights like tonight, where I'm folding and sorting til my hearts content I just want to scream...I'm feeling like I can do it. I can manage...because DAMN my laundry looks good! 

2. Crazy Doctors/Dentist/Dance/Appointments (seriously, two kids, ob appts, dental for two of us, lots of weekly appointments)...I've ironed out a schedule... Wednesday's are Appointment Days. Sounds silly, but this has helped!

3. Homeschooling- Mondays are nothing but Dance Days, I'm not even going to try and do homeschooling! NOT going to try! I've also started using the workbox system, except it's revised...I'm using Cereal boxes that are covered and filled with the things that Kaelyn needs to get accomplished as well as setting out activites to do with Anna (playdoh, coloring, sensory boxes, cutting, counting, etc).  I started it today, and WOW it's already made a HUGE difference!

4. Military/Baby 3- I'm having contractions...and am having to learn to let some parts of my house washing my floors. When I let it go, I have far less contractions.

As for the military, I have no control over the military...none. I have no way of knowing when/if my husband will deploy, or if he'll be home for the baby. It's driving me mad! MAD! But I'm learning to let it go. Still no news on the waiver (fingers crossed, it's about a week late in coming)...but Ryan is about to undertake a new position...that if done well could be a great thing for his career, and if done poorly, well we won't think about that! :) Although, this new job basically means that Ryan will more than likely just barely make it to the birth of the baby if he leaves ASAP after this new job. Oh, and did I mention that this new job requires my husband to be gone between 430 am til 7 pm...pretty much won't be seeing him, and won't be getting any help with the house or the girls. <-see, that's me not being my usual self...I should be focusing on all the GREAT things this job could mean! He's an assistant flight commander, a Captain doing a Majors job, hand picked for the position....see those are GOOD things! It looks good on his review for his promotion boards in a few years.

I must say, that after a day as nice as today (despite a VERY whiney 18 month old, who blatently told me No when I asked her to say sorry to her sister on more than one occasion), and all the excitement about this week's Dr. Suess activities...I'm starting to find my mojo, and the world is starting to look just a tad bit brighter! Maybe it was hormones...

Ever lost your mojo? If so, how do you get it back?


Leslie said...

I totally get the losing of your mojo! IT STINKS when that happens! I can usually get myself (and my brain and spirit) back on track by focusing on a project (like, say, organizing the laundry room). Usually putting all of my energy into accomplishing one thing helps, and then I'm reminded of that feeling of accomplishment each time I walk past whatever the project was, which is a little boost button. :)

YOU are a supermom. You have two beautiful girls who you teach daily, you are expecting another, you run a household, and have a husband who is MIA very often. I think if you can even keep your head above water by a milimeter, you're doing an AMAZING JOB!!! (I barely keep mine above water and I just have the one kid and she goes to daycare while I work - although I do have an MIA husband alot - even though he works here in town. haha!)

You should be VERY proud of all you accomplish. :)

Brandie said...

Thank you for the pick me up Leslie. I really do appreciate it! And you are totally right, the laundry has REALLY has organizing/coming up with a system for homeschooling. I feel more prepared for each day, and today has been GREAT!

Our Cozy Little Book and Art Corner said...

my dad was gone all the time too and i remember my mom venting hte same stuff. Being a Military wife (and Kid)is hard, that are married to you and the military.

You are doing so great and are a great mommy!

Your laundry room post hashelped me start getting mine in better shape and then each week or so i'm going to do another room (thanks to you! :)

If you ever need to vent please just email me. while i was never a military wife (just a girlfriend several different times) I was a military kid so i still get your frustration :)


Elaina said...

I feel you! I feel like this SO much! Between crazy military schedules, a toddler, a teething infant, and being hours away from family, I often feel like I'm barely treading water. I don't have any advice, except to stop washing the floors!