Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Dr. Suess' birthday!

We have had a fabulous day over here. I say that knowing that I RISK jinxing myself (although I did knock on wood)...that is just how good of a day it has been.  We started our morning with some lovely green eggs and ham! Followed quickly by Kaelyn asking for school work! I was all too happy to oblige now that we are rocking the "work box" system. Kaelyn even remarked how "this is just like getting a present mommy". Within an hour we had worked through all five boxes! I am a total believer in this system!

While Kaelyn was able to work independantly after just a few moments of instruction from me (thank you workboxes!), Anna and I were able to do some fun learning games! So nice to be able to focus on both girls, but also give each one some real quality time!

We played with foam beads. I would show her how to put the same colors together, but she really just liked filling it up and dumping it out!

painted with water! I love these little water reveal books! Anna eats all sorts of arts supplies, so when she tastes her water...I don't even worry about it!

Anna and I also colored and played with her flashcards (they are pictures of common things and we work on saying the words as well as the animals sounds or colors).

While the girls napped, I wrote this post AND made a great little printable I can't wait to show off! Later, we are going to work on my cool little printable during story time (it will be our stART projecct for this week!), make some cookies for daddy to take to work tomorrow to help with the morale of the guys he's working with (they have had a really rough year, and what else can I do but provide ample amounts of baked goods, I mean a cookie ALWAYS makes you feel better). Tomorrow, we will be reading The Cat and The Hat and making a hat to wear as well as working on -at  word families! And then on Friday, we will be rocking Horton Hears a Who, making our own elephant ears and a tastey elephant inspired treat!

Those of you with more than one child, how do you manage to spend quality time with each one? Also, any good baked good recipes would be greatly appreciated!


Kim said...

Sounds like a fantastic day! So glad workboxes work for you! It seems like such a great system, but so far, I haven't gotten them to work with Crumpet..I think I'm going to have to start being more forceful about him focusing and getting some work done, but I'm going to wait til we move and settle down. He'll be 4 then, and maybe that will help...Love all your Seuss ideas!

Leslie said...

So I am SO GLAD you posted the "I put the snow cream recipe on my blog" line last night. I had, not 30 minutes prior to that, said to Drew, I want to make some snowcream and I KNOW that one of my blogger friends had it on the blog recently. I just can't remember which one." So you saved me and I used your recipe. :) haha!

Brandie said...

Glad I could help you out Leslie! It's pretty tastey!

Elaina said...

Tim and I try to double-team the kids, so that we each get one-on-one time with both of them. When he's not around, though, its a little harder. Holton is crawling now, so I love to sit in the floor while he and Abby compete for lap space. Its hard to find the balance, and Abby is so much more demanding so she usually comes out the winner.