Friday, March 12, 2010

Preschool Corner-Bike Rides, Dollar Tree finds and life!

This weeks Preschool Corner is a bit lacking on the school work due to the fact that we've taken full advantage of our brief "spring-like" weather! Now we are enduring monsoon like Rain!

Monday-Dance and Playdate!

Tuesday-  MOPS, followed by nap and then we did a LOT of this! I think the girls and I ended up walking/biking/pushing two miles this week! Kaelyn is doing a GREAT job "starting" and "stopping" herself. We spent both afternoons lapping our block and talking about our address and the rules of the road. Anna spent the afternoons labeling things "Bird", "plane", "rock", "tree", "ruff ruff dog", "vroom". I think we all really enjoyed this relief from snow...but now it's raining!

I was entertained by some really awesome renditions of Flash Dance... and some great Tapping from Anna!
We also went on another VERY long walk/ride!

Thursday- Mall Play Date where we made bunny ears, listened to stories and danced until the point that attitudes flaired, which has led to the new rules regarding Gratitude in our house. How do you guys teach gratitude? I'm thinking a lapbook or character building book is in order.

We did manage to tackle a few workboxes throughout the week. Kaelyn worked on some word search puzzles, "find the picture" puzzles, this sheet where she had to spell out her "sight words" using magnets.  She also did a few worksheets at her own prompting (she LOVES those workboxes and will pull them out when she is bored or wants to do some school work). She did a GREAT job on this worksheet about what doesn't belong (A row of  cowboy hat, tobogan, baseball cap and sunglasses), matching letters, writing letters as well as her name. We also wrote the letter D page.

Anna spent the morning playing in the leftover magnets...labeling colors and saying random letters "A" while holding up a Q or "o" and pointing at the "L". Anna also loves mimicing Kaelyn, so when Kaelyn is spelling things out or sounding them out Anna is doing it right along with her!

Friday- Swim Lessons/Sports lessons, Nap, then Errands

Which brings me to my latest Dollar Tree Finds! I could have seriously spent 20 bucks at that store...but I held back. I swear it was hard! The had some GREAT drawer organizers...but I put them back when I found these next two things that the girls spent the evening playing with (along with their $1 baby dolls with bottles where the fluid disappears)
I have been searching for the Bear Lacing Beads (found them at Staples originally) that Kaelyn had, but I've only got about 7 left, and Anna loves to play with them! I honestly think those bear beads TAUGHT Kaelyn her colors and numbers! These Beads are LARGE and don't pose a choking hazard (IMO), unlike the little bears that I still choose to watch Anna with. 12 beads in a package plus two strings!The girls were tired of lacing them in this picture and started to use them to build things with!

Read Along Bible Story Books!

This is the book plus the CD. The girls spent the evening in the basement/toy room listening to Jonah and the Whale (although Kaelyn could have easily followed along in the book, but was busy playing and listening because she often commented on how Jonah should have listened to God). They really enjoyed it and it allowed me to feel like they were getting something out of their time while I hustled around picking up from the day. In addition to the story on audio and printed in the book, it also has 10 Bible songs, coloring pages that can be printed or colored while you listen to the bible songs, and if you use the CD in your computer, it's an interactive storybook (I wish the words that were being said were highlighted, but alas it only cost a $1). Can I just say that I think this is a STEAL! I've been SEARCHING for read along books (and will continue to search or eventually make my own) but I feel like I walked away with a lot for my $1. BTW My dollar tree had Jonah and The Whale, Noah's Ark and Samson and Delilah (sp?).
Anna is clearly teething as she listens/eats the computer playing the story!


Debbie said...

Your weather sounds about like ours, we had a little bit of everything today, after a nice touch of Spring.

I love watching children dancing their little hearts out, we get a lot of that around here as well.

It looks like everyone had a good week!

Kim said...

Great week! We're having a monsoon too, uggh.