Friday, September 3, 2010

Prayers for Nolen

So, I apologize if this is a bit jumbled or brief, but whether you pray or you just want to send positive thoughts please send them this way!

This morning at 1 am, I noticed Nolen had been a little bit more difficult to settle down and kind of when I went to nurse him I noticed how hot he was. I took his temp and found it to be borderline at 100.7. Knowing that Anna had been sick the entire day and running a fever I knew it was probably a virus and debated rather I should bring him in or not. I called the on-call doc and the doc suggested I bring him in. The hospital confirms that Anna does have a virus but that due to his age Nolen would need to undergo a Spinal Tap, Blood Work, Catheter for urine samples, and observation to verify that there wasn't another source of infection. Even then, they might still admit him for observation and antibiotics as a proactive measure.

A good friend comes and picks the girls up, leaves me in the ER with just Nolen around 4 am. Nolen's labs come back and he does in fact have Spinal meningitis. We won't know until sometime tomorrow if it is bacterial or viral. We want it to be a viral infection and hope that Nolen starts to feel better (he's very restless and fussy) over our 48 hour stay here. If it is Bacterial than this will become a whole different ballgame.

Specific Prayer Request
-A Clean Culture showing that it is Viral Meningitis
-Anna and the girls and my friends Children remain well
-Rest for Nolen, ease of his fever and discomfort
-Peace for Ryan since I know this must be very difficult not being able to touch and comfort his very sick child
-Strength to hold it together for me
-Safe travels for my sister who is coming up tomorrow morning to help with the girls and take care of the house if this does end up being bacterial meningitus.

Thanks for your prayers/well wishes.


Kim said...

Oh no, hugs and prayers sent. So scary..

Cate said...

Oh, no! Thinking good thoughts for you and your family.

welcome to our wonderland said...

prayers, hugs and thoughts are with you and your family!!

Debbie said...

Oh I feel so bad that I didn't read this earlier. I am catching up on my blogs, but you are all in my prayers!