Sunday, August 29, 2010

Base Chapel

Yep, I went there. Today I ventured into the world of the base chapel and found that I loved it. Why? Because when I walked in there were more "temporarily" single moms than couples. There was a girl who sat down next to Kaelyn and her dad had left  on very short notice just a day or so ago and she looked at Kaelyn and calmly said, "My daddy went away on an airplane to a different country.". Kaelyn looked at her and said, "My daddy is gone too." We, the girls and I, don't stick out here...we don't get the curious glances as to, "Is she married? Is she single? Why isn't her husband here?" and I don't feel the need to find a way to justify myself, my situation or clear the air in a conversation. (I once was walking in an airport pregnant with both the girls and I got/overheard some comments regarding "what kind of man would let his wife do this" and I quickly replied "one who has orders to go fight in a war". That not only shut them up but got me some really great help getting through security). I don't get the well intended comments that can be just a tad painful on those hard to adjust days...we just get a smile from someone who has been there...someone who understands without asking and prays for me, for their loved ones, and for my kids. I won't say this is our home church now, but I will say it was very nice and refreshing to walk into a place where everyone already knew my story.


welcome to our wonderland said...

so happy you found a place to worship and feel at home :)

I remember my dad would disappear for days on end only to return then disappear again "training" he said :) we all know what that means right!

Love reading your blog i brings me back to my air force brat days. I can remember life like your girls will and now i get to read about what my mom felt too :) so thank you!!!