Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Felt like super woman...but then reality hit

I really felt like super woman, for all of three minutes. And those three minutes happened at Nolen's 2 week check up...which is where I learned that he gained 2 pounds in a little over a week! Nolen was seen at 1 week due to his jaundice, but had not gained ANY weight...he was holding strong at 6 pounds 7oz. At his 2 week check up...8lbs4ozs That has NEVER happened for me....I've always had to supplement.

But, then reality happened...and I have piles of laundry in the corner of my room (but it's clean and that's half the battle) that I just knocked off the bed after INTENDING to put it away so that I can sleep.

Anna bit Kaelyn, Kaelyn cried, Anna pushed Kaelyn, Kaelyn cried...Nolen kicked his foot THROUGH his zippered sleeper (and yes I mean he BROKE his zipper!), He spit up, he peed...and suddenly it dawned on me...

Drum roll please, 3 kids is a lot!

But give me a few more weeks and I'll find my balance! There is a lot of things going on around here and I am just choosing to focus on the positive

Ryan leaves in a few days, but he IS here
Nolen isn't sleeping, but he IS gaining weight
Anna isn't playing nice with Kaelyn, but she IS potty trained
Kaelyn isn't doing school right now, but she IS learning to read
The laundry isn't put away, but it IS clean!
There isn't any sugar or other basics, but there IS meals (thank you squadron AND MOPS)

Just trying to find that silver lining and a IS there.


butterfly wishes and Wonderland Dreams said...

aww your doing great and your right you will find your balance its always an adjustment for all :)

congrats on his weight gain that is awesome

hey if it makes you feel better i have a 9 and 4 year old and the clothes are in the baskets clean but not folded or put away. I have no excuse you do :)

Elaina said...

I can't even imagine...I remember feeling that overwhelmed with just two kids. Hey, I still feel that way sometimes. And I also have at least one basket of clean-but-not-yet-folded clothes in my bedroom, and my "baby" is almost 1.

Brandie said...

Thanks guys!

I don't think laundry is ever a beast that is tamed.

Elaina--I admire you for being able to do such crazy long deployments.