Friday, August 27, 2010

We went to Sea, sea, sea to see what we could see see see

Ryan's squadron had family day at a local military beach out here. When the invitation went out...I thought...Who in their right mind? That would have to be some crazy woman to try and take a 5 week old, potty training 2 year old and 4 year old to the beach all by herself....and before I knew it, I had coleslaw made and was making the drive to the beach....with a very full hybrid.
I don't know what drove me to the brink of insanity...but whatever it was...Thank you! I had a wonderful Friday evening with my "military family" and they were always there to lend a hand with carrying things to the beach or taking my fearless two year old out into the ocean.
Kaelyn spent most of her time on the beach playing in the sand, but she eventually ventured out into the water (despite her overwhelming fear of sharks that has been known to have her hiding on a very large boat from the water).
And she loved it! Have I mentioned that I have a brand spanking NEW CAMERA! It's the Fuji XP FinePix. Not only am I loving the clarity and detailing of this point and shoot camera, but the REAL reason we went with this camera is that it is virtually indestructible...Want to take it scuba diving---go right ahead. Want to hike Mount Everest---this is the camera for you. Point and case, the camera went swimming in the sandy surf rescuing sweet Anna from her very sick obsession with the waves and surfs!

She was way too comfortable with the waves. She would go out as far as she could, get knocked down, tumble in the undertow and start to get carried back out....come up coughing and smiling and do it again....and again...and again. Thank you peanut shell for the awesome sling which lets me snag my child!

It was a lot of fun watching her just run head first into the face of waves that were much taller than she was. I adore this child's lack of fear and determination (only when it's not directed at me). She spent a good fifteen minutes trying to "move water"

With a shovel...
Thankfully, I had my military family to keep an eye on Kaelyn while I spent the majority of my time playing Baywatch with Anna!

Ever since I've decided to embrace every fun opportunity that comes my way regardless of my overwhelming to-do list, I have found that we are really starting to enjoy our time together despite Ryan being away. I also find that the things on those lists always end up getting done and can often serve the purpose of filling that void of time after the kids go to sleep when I would normally snuggle with the hubby.


welcome to our wonderland said...

looks like a awesome day :) look at you all skinny minny :)

military families rock :)

Kim said...

Wow, you are brave. So is Anna. Sam won't do waves, but fortunately we've found some perfect lagoons here with gorgeous sand and no waves. (Lots of rocky wavy beaches here, but we've done lots of exploring to find the best!) Good for you, getting out and staying busy while hubby is gone. The list DOES always get finished somehow, and being happy is far more important! And you do look skinny. Wow...

Leslie said...

Good for YOU!!! You seriously have your act together WAY more than I ever thought about having it, and you do it on your own, which amazes me. Who knew one of my "students" (not technically I guess) would end up serving as such an inspiration for me later in life. :)

Brandie said...

Being happy is so important! Thanks for the support guys.

Leslie--Thank you. We have to get together in October when I'm in town! I only manage to keep my act together on a semi-daily basis.