Monday, September 20, 2010

A bit about the girls

My sweet darling ladies have been living the high life with their ReeRee (my mom who is not old enough to be a grandma) and Gramps will hopefully be returning to our house this Saturday!!! So exciting. But while they've been away I've been getting some sweet stories back from my family. I thought that I'd lighten the mood on here with some cute stories.

Kaelyn has been teaching Anna to count. Anna's been able to count to 5 by herself for awhile now, but apparently Kaelyn has been counting to 16 with her. This is HUGE because Kaelyn usually messes up 13,14,15 and has apparently gotten it!

My parents have been doing a wonderful job helping me out and watching the girls. Mom went and bought some blueberry yogurt drinks. After Anna had drank two in rapid succession, she looked at my Mom and asked for some more to which ReeRee said No. Mom went on about her day and noticed that Anna was being really quiet (and since my mom has raised 6 kids now she is well aware that this is NOT a good thing) and went to find her. Anna had gotten 3 more drinks, opened the tops and saw that they each has the foil closure. Instead of giving up, she figured out how to open the foil and proceeded to drink EVERY LAST DROP!

I've figured out what curriculum we are going to be using for Kaelyn (will post about that later) and am attempting to rough draft a schedule of our days.

Nolen is making very small improvements each day. In the mornings (3 am feed-noonish), Nolen nurses extremely well and usually averages a little over 2 ounces (we want him to be taking 3!), but as it gets closer to noon, he starts to take less and less orally (but almost always at least an ounce).  It's very frustrating to see him take so much and then drastically drop with each feed. It's a cycle of getting my hopes up and then getting them let down. Now that I can see the pattern (am feeds being consistently better than pm feeds), I know not to get too hopeful.
              Tuesday, we go for his Well Baby exam but no immunizations because the doctor wants to wait until he's been out of the hospital for a month. Let me just say that the Colonel who is his pediatrician has just BLOWN me away with her dedication. We requested her specifically for Nolen because she does such an amazing job with the girls (and fought so hard to have Anna's tongue clipped). I saw her last week and she spent 2 hours in the room getting to know Nolen, asking me about my concerns, informing me on how we can use New Jersey's Early intervention program but if Nolen doesn't qualify because he isn't delayed enough to approach her about it and she'd make sure we got the specialist we need!! She also made it possible for us to get an appointment this week (unlike civilian providers, the military clinic doesn't always have appointments open for you to take, I've had to wait a month or more for well baby and 2-4 days for a sick child appointment)!!!
              Wednesday evening the Home Care Nurse is coming to check his weight gain and vitals. Thursday evening the Speech Therapist and Physical Therapist are coming to evaluate Nolen and determine if he qualifies for early intervention or not. Friday evening Ryan is flying!


Kim said...

So glad the girls are doing well. And amazed that you had energy or time to think about curriculum. And SO glad you have an awesome doctor. That is NOT always an easy thing to find. Good luck Friday!

welcome to our wonderland said...

tha tis great about the doctor your so right about how military appt's run I don't miss that growning up in the air force.

that is so funny about the drinks :) hope her tummy was ok after all that :)

can't wait to hear more about the curriculum. your amazing girl thinking of curriculum while doing everything you have to do for nolen.