Saturday, September 4, 2010

Waiting...not so patiently

First off, Thank you all so much for your prayers and concerns for our little one and for my family. Nolen had been having a really rough night/morning but around 4 pm this afternoon he started taking a turn for the better!
I am finally able to let him lay and rest in his crib because he is feeling much more comfortable.

Thanks in large part to your prayers, tylenol and excellent care Nolen has gone from needing these kind of precautions with visitors

Dena's protective  gear to prevent her from getting exposure to what could be Bacterial Meningitis

To needing NONE!

From being so sick that the only comfort to be had was in my arms
His IV is on the right, which is why his arms appear stiff

To being able to lay in his crib and watch the mobile while I pump to rebuild my milk supply from his slow nursing.
With only his big sister Kaelyn's cat to keep him company while he sleeps.

We are still waiting (not so patiently) on the results of this last culture. If it is clean and he doesn't continue to vomit (a new development that we are hoping is only a random incident) and his heartrate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure (which have all been high off and on) start to level out, and his fever and pain are managed by tylenol...we may be going home late tomorrow.....but those are a LOT of If's and all I really want is to know that he is well and isn't in anymore pain.


Debbie said...

Again, You are all in our prayers. I will be back for future updates.

welcome to our wonderland said...

many many prayers! my whole church is praying for nolen and your family!!!!

huge hugs and well wishes

Kim said...

Oh, so hard to see a little one strapped to machines, and feeling so miserable. Keeping you in my thoughts, and looking forward to the "We are going home" update!!