Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Results are in---No News is Good News?

Results are back, EEG, MRI, and Cultures are all normal. No indication of Encephalitis, seizure like activity, or malformations in the brain, no indication of bacterial infection. Back to the drawing board to come up with some other solutions to explain Nolen's worsening condition. Can't comment on how he is doing given the fact that he's been sedated and hasn't recovered from that either. His feeding tube is in place and they are starting feeds tonight, hopeful that that will encourage him to move/awake.


welcome to our wonderland said...

ok so that is good news in a way but baffling too.

praying for nolen, praying so hard our head hurts (to qoute syd)

welcome to our wonderland said...

church still sending out mass emails asking for prayers for baby nolen.