Saturday, April 3, 2010

Preschool Corner-Eggsperiments, Easter Fun, and More

First and foremost, I must appologize for "disappearing"'s been a crazy week, and I do have other posts sitting waiting to be edited and published...but I'm hoping to spend the rest of the weekend in a semi-drugged stupor to stop these contractions.

Here is what we managed to do despite my stubborn uterus:
We went to Dance and got to see the bunny...sorry there aren't any pictures, but
Anna is beyond afraid of the bunny.
We did some "volunteer" work at Ryan's and brought him some baked goods for the flight since they will be working over Easter and then went to  stuff eggs for the Squadron Easter Egg Hunt.
We did lots of "fun" worksheets

The girls worked on MANY different Easter worksheets.
They made an Easter bunny face

Kaelyn's was Angry because he didn't have any eggs.
They also did an Easter Egg Reubus, which is basically a story that has some words replaced by pictures...then had a ton of questions to see how much she retained...which was A LOT!
We also did a "directions" assignment, to help work on Kaelyn's Listening Skills, which consisted of her coloring certain parts of an Easter Basket as directed.

I have been lamenting our lack of "hands on work" and "science", so this week I added a few things, and realized that my girls (mainly Kaelyn) aren't used to "learning through play". I noticed this with the sensory box, but this week I was excited to introduce a more "task oriented" game involving pom poms and plastic easter eggs.

I had the girls use these poms in many different ways, and they have been played with EVERY DAY since I brought them out.

Anna was asked to

give me certain colors
 put the poms into the eggs and close them
She also helped me count poms out of the eggs she filled up.

Kaelyn was asked to:
 sort the colors and match them to the eggs

Select two eggs, count the colors from each egg seperately then add them together
recognize, finish and create patterns

I love how Anna is picking up soo much from Kaelyn. I also love how Kaelyn is being patient with Anna and "teaching her", like here Kaelyn was showing her the light pink and the brighter pink in her pattern!

For our Science portion, we looked at the difference between
Hard boiled Eggs and Raw Eggs (also taught them to spin the eggs to figure out which was which)
How the eggs shell is similar to our teeth and can be stained (Also reinforced the importance of brushing)
We dyed the eggs and talked about how teas/certain foods/coffee dye our teeth.

There are about five other "egg"speriments that I wanted to do, but didn't get to because the girls enjoyed being able to handle the eggs and eat them! So, you'll probably be seeing some more egg-science over here at our household!

And last but not least, the girls went to the Easter Egg Hunt at the Squadron, had the bunny visit early since we leave on Sunday for Washington DC. We are taking a trip to the White House and I can't WAIT to share all the fun "traveling"-school we are going to have on our two day trip (if I can stay out of the maternity ward at our hospital).

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The Activity Mom said...

aren't pom poms fun?! B was playing with them a lot too and then the day he decided it was more fun to make it "rain" pom poms is when we took a break from them. =)
great week!

Kim said...

I was just wondering about you and hoping you weren't in the hospital. Stay well. Keep that baby in there! Looks like you had a great school week. Love your egg experiments. Isn't learning through play great??

Raising a Happy Child said...

This is great that Kaelyn is such a dedicated big sister. Hopefully Anna will be the same for a new baby. And I like how you linked egg dying to teeth brushing - great idea.