Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter and Some White house

So, here are some of my favorite shots from Easter (hunt at the Squadron, hunt at home, hunt at the White house). We don't have a lot of shots on our Camera from the White House due to the fact that our camera died shortly after our arrival (perfect timing right?). Thankfully, our iPhone's came quickly to the rescue! I'll post those pictures much much later...

Squadron Party!

                                          Anna climbing and saying tOOOOHees


Daddy helping with the hunt!

Anna, dumping eggs as she goes!

The second hunt!

                                                       A little belly shot for you guys!
Sneak Peak of DC!
Waiting in line!
More waiting! Kaelyn keeping kitty warm in her sweater and the Washington Monument behind us!

Just to give you an idea of the line we were in!
We were listening to some great children's band in the line, ate some delicious free/healthy food and got some yummy drinks during our wait!
On the front line, that's the White House in the back

Attempt number two at getting the kids to look at the camera
She found Dora!
After the hunt, we visited some monuments! Here is Ryan and Kaelyn having a serious conversation at the base of the Washington Monument while Anna and I are on our way.

 WWII Memorial, after we explained the importance of the memorial and why you didn't play/throw money in the water. The girls and Ryan were really absorbing the moment!
More to come later!


welcome to our wonderland said...

looks like 3 great easter egg hunts! :)