Monday, April 12, 2010

Meal Plan Monday-April 12-19

So, I'm going for quick, easy and out of my cabinet since I spent last weekend in the hospital for preterm labor. Grocery shopping and cooking long elaborate meals is not an option.

Monday- Lunch at Chic fil la with the ladies of Ballet
               Dinner Chicken (leftover) Nachos with Guacomole and Salsa!

Tuesday-Lunch will be ate out again due to Mops, or possible a picnic at the playground
               Dinner: Pan Fried Tilapia (from last week, it never happened!) with Corn Pudding (a left over recipe from last week)

Wednesday-Lunch- Sandwiches
                   Dinner-Indian food with homemade Naan from a box with the kids being offered Corn Dogs should they choose it (only because Indian food can be hot, we generally do NOT offer options to our children)

Thursday-Lunch-Salad topped with leftover Tilapia
                Dinner- Spaghetti with Salad and Garlic Bread

Friday-Lunch-is pita and fresh veggies with White Bean Hummus (here's the recipe! it turned out delicious and I am actually making it again with Black Beans!) And just for you information, the Corn Salad from last week was DIVINE! And the Blueberry Scones were equally divine and EASY! I will be making them again...and trust me when I say EASY...this chicka can't even bake cookies properly!
           Dinner: Dirty Rice with Trinity vegetables and Red Kidney beans

Saturday is a BIG QUESTION MARK because it's my husband's 30th Birthday and I'd like to have friends over (pending the behavior of my uterus), or perhaps have friends over on Sunday and let him use his new grill to entertain (that is if I can steal his car for an evening without him catching on! no way a grill is going to fit in my tiny hybrid trunk!).

So for now, let's assume that Saturday will be date night and that I will be hunting up an easy Cheesecake Recipe (to triple) to take to Ryan's work on Sunday for his Birthday followed by hopefully an impromptu BBQ Sunday night with a few friends and neighbors. That way Ryan can show off  his new Fire Pit and Grill (you only turn thirty once!).

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welcome to our wonderland said...

I'm so making the black bean hummus and the white bean hummus this grocery day