Friday, April 9, 2010

Hospital Stay

So, I guess I've finally "broken in" the new doctor and hospital with an overnight stay for contractions. Thankfully, it doesn't appear that my contractions (1 every 1-2 mins lasting 1 min+) were very productive, but they are causing some "cervical change".

Here is the run down
-The baby looked and sounded great! Although it didn't like the monitor which meant I had a nurse at my bedside repositioning me or the monitor every twenty minutes or so.
-My contractions are slowed, but not stopped. They aren't as strong and I am very comfortable, unlike earlier.
-I'm on Procardia, which normally doesn't carry any side effects for me at all, but I'm definitely feeling the sluggish/flushed/on fire aspect with this pregnancy.
-I won't be on bedrest until my cervix starts to show more significant change. Bedrest doesn't show any indication of stopping contractions but it can slow down dialation. My activities are definitely limited (no more swim lessons for the girls), no more strenuous activities (mopping and vaccumming) and no more hanky panky.

So, now we are faced, yet again, with some tough decisions. Though, I am not on bedrest, I am asked to simply asked try and "take it easy" which is hard to do with two kiddos. So, Ryan and I are considering sending Anna to stay with his family(Kaelyn was the same age when she went away to stay while I was pregnant with Anna) and keeping Kaelyn here with me.

Why keep Kaelyn?

-She's pretty much self sufficient...unlike Anna who requires lifting/carrying/changing
-She has her birthday and friends, and while I realize she's only four, these are some pretty important things to her. She's only four, and has very few important things.
-Dance Recital
-If I should have to go to the hospital while Ryan is away or at work and my friends are unavailable, Kaelyn can come with me. I can trust that she will be perfectly content at my bedside with snacks and goodies and games and movies...Anna is so not at that point.

Thanks for your prayers! Sorry for the I'm off to make a snack and watch a movie with the kiddos.


welcome to our wonderland said...

i'll be praying for no bed rest! hope all settles down soon. how far along are you now?

keep me posted

and yes those are very important things even if they are only 4 :) I agree!!!

Kim said...

Good luck! Sounds like keeping Kaelyn is the right decision. She certainly can't miss her birthday, especially. Crumpet is turning 4 next week,and we're throwing a huge party at home despite packing up to move overseas, because these things are VERY important to a 4 year old and cannot be skipped!

Debbie said...

I will keep this in my prayers! Keep us posted