Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Help is on it's way!

So, after discussing our options...Ryan and I are both VERY excited to FINALLY have some help coming in. My lovely sister in law, Brittany, will be joining the family for awhile to help out with the girls and the housework. She couldn't come at a better time with Ryan leaving for training at the end of this month, being gone for the month of May and returning early June. The chance of an amnio following our next ultrasound  (all in May) get the idea. 

*Me, Kaelyn, and Brittany*

Can I mention that the Procardia medication for contractions is slowly killing me....yes, I know that's a bit of an exaggeration, but I've NEVER had issues with this medication in my prior pregnancies, but this time's really doing a number on my blood pressure (bottoming out) causing me to be exhausted or in a fog, my heart will race, and there are moments when I truly feel on fire. On top of all that I am starting to notice my contractions about an hour prior to my pill and an hour afterwards. With Brittany here, I won't be sweating the details of who will watch my chlidren should I have to return to the hospital.


Kim said...

Oh yay, what a relief!!

welcome to our wonderland said...

yippee so glad your getting relief!