Monday, April 19, 2010

Meal Plan Monday- Viva la Mexico

Or atleast some decently priced easy to make at home Mexican food!

I came in under budget AGAIN this week ($95 total), and that even included a splurge on last nights Luau Themed Birthday dinner for the Husband (Macadamia and Coconut encrusted Salmon with fresh veggies and fresh fruit salad)! He turned 30 yesterday, and I spent the week doing tons of sweet little gifts/thoughtful things (atleast three a day) to mark the occasion. Some examples of these little gifts were to buy some of his favorite magazines, leave him love notes, take a few small items off his honey-do list (a new showerhead, shelves, and caulking), finding two sisters, 14 and 15, who live in our neighborhood who did an AMAZING job babysitting our girls for $30 (for five hours...and two babysitters....I felt like we robbed them) and a lovely date night. The girls really got into coming up with three things for Daddy as well as enjoying his new fire pit.

So this week's menu is yet another Money Saving Meals with Sandra Lee!

Monday- Lunch- Ballet Class Play Date
               Dinner- BBQ Chicken (left over from last week) with corn on the cob

Tuesday-Lunch- Leftover (Chicken on top of salad, Salmon on top of salad, you get the idea)
              Dinner-Out in Philly for my Sister-in-Law's Birthday...she's turning 25 and spending the day  
traveling across the country to come help out while Ryan is gone...what can I say...she's pretty awesome!

                    Dinner-Fish Tacos with homemade Guacamole (the add the packet to mushed avacado kind)!

Thursday- Lunch- Leftovers or Corndogs
                 Dinner-Bean and Cheese Tamales although I forgot to purchase parchment paper...hope I remember, with Cinnamon Churros!

Friday- Lunch- Tuna Fish Salad with crackers and fresh fruit on the way home from the Y (since Aunt Brittany will be able to take the girls to their swim lessons)
             Dinner: Squadron Picnic... I must find a good side recipe for this!

Saturday-Lunch-Chuckie's Kaelyn's 4th Birthday Party (two days early!)
               Dinner- Ceviche

Sunday-Lunch-Bean and Cheese Chalupas
             Dinner-Breakfast for dinner...complete with Pumpkin Waffles!

So that's our week in a nutshell for more menus go here!

Any BBQ friendly side suggestions for a large group? I was thinking a 7-layer salad....suggestions???


welcome to our wonderland said...

cheap good side dish: Italian Green Beans:

2 packages of frozen green beans
1 container of cherry tomatoes (halfed)
some Italain parsely chopped
1/2 cup of light Italian Dressing

steam green beans till almost done
Add to bowl of halfed cherry tomatoes, parsley and dresssing
Toss to coat and let sit in fridge for atleast 4 hours!

Its even better the next day and it doesn't got bad at picnics since not mayo or anything!

Leslie said...

My favorite crowd-pleasing barbecue side is what we call crunchy slaw (though there's a million names for it).

2 bags of shredded cabbage (or one head of cabbage shredded)
1 pack of scallions
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup vinegar (white)
1/2 cup sugar
1 seasoning packet from chicken flavored ramen noodles

Mix all of that together at least 2 hours ahead of time (I do the night before).

Right before serving, add the uncooked ramen noodles crunched up, (I crunch them before I open the package so it's all contained in the plastic and then I put in a ziplock with the other last minute ingredients.) 1 package slivered almonds, and 1 sm package of sunflower seeds.

It's CHEAP, EASY, and always gets compliments. :)

Brandie said...

Thanks guys, I think I'll do both!

Cupy Cakey said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! It's going to be rough not having daddy around so I thought this would help the kids too!! ok, and me too!! I do love that IHOP has the Kids eat free night all the time. We might hit them up on Friday.

Can I just say these Tacos look yumm!! omg delicious.

I have a Cupcake Blog too
I'm working on Frugal cupcakes that will knock your socks off...we shall see if I can pull it off.

Deal Fanatic said...
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Daisy said...

OMG...this is not my day!! Thanks for commenting on The Deal Fanatic. I can't even get my blog figured out...heaven help me!!
I have three btw...and they all have different logins.