Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Traditions

I don't know what kind of traditions other couples have, but ours revolve around "doing" or "making" something for each other.

   This started back with our first year of marriage, when we had one car, a tiny one room apartment with no furniture(all in storage) due to Ryan's training (did I mention that I was hugely pregnant sleeping on a blow up mattress that folded in half everytime I sat/lay about making me feel good about my ever changing body...and no I'm not bitter!) and little money. What money we did have we cycled into savings or getting rid of debt while it was just the two of us. So, when faced with Valentine's Day, we choose to do something simple, to give each other gifts that cost little money but require time and thought for the giver. Knowing my husband, and what a foodie he is, I decided to make a four course meal (this was HUGE for me because I had just started cooking for my sweet husband the month prior) all from scratch. We ate a very memorable first Valentine's day meal picnic style on our patio with dollar tree "crystal" candle holders...that one night sparked the tradition of me going above and beyond a normal meal each Valentine's Day.

This years menu (pictures to be posted later) is....

Shrimp and Churiso tapas
Sweet Balsamic Vinegar Asparagus Salad
Black Cherry and Cracked Pepper Lamb Chops with Split Pea Rissotto
and two desserts...Chocolate Covered Strawberries and a Five Layered Cream tart with fresh berries

Now that we have two small children, we have to "plan" our evening more carefully. The girls are starting their own tradition of Homemade Heart Pizza's(with heart pepperoni!) with Strawberry Ice Cream.

The girls will start eating around 530, Anna goes to bed around 630
Ryan will tuck Anna in while Kaelyn finishes eating and gets to fix her popcorn with M&M's so that she can watch her movie.
Ryan tucks Kaelyn in with her movie, snack, drink and books, and joins me for the Appetizers. What he doesn't know is that the Basement will be turned into  a similar picnic scene as our first Valentine's day!
Once the appetizers are done, the lamb will have rested and I can bring it down!
Desserts will be made ahead and can be ate upstairs! ;)


Our Cozy Little Book and Art Corner said...

aww that is a great menua nd great tradition! I love the popcorn and m&m's snack! :)

have a great valentines picnic!

Kim said...

Sounds delicious and romantic! Enjoy! I think for the first time this year, Crumpet is going to a neighbor's so we can have a date night, but instead of going out, we'll stay home for dinner and a movie. Now, what to cook... It surely won't be as amazing as your plans!

Family Style School said...

This will make for much better memories than any store bought gifts.