Friday, February 19, 2010

Preschool Corner

So let's start with Valentine's day, because the girls got to enjoy a "fun" party. I remember having parties at school when I was in Kindergarten, and I wanted to make sure that Kaelyn and Anna get the same joy! The girls woke to a decorated house, heart shaped waffles, they helped make heart shaped pizzas, (we rolled the dough and the girls used cookie cutters)
 And got to enjoy an early bedtime with movies and snacks so that Ryan and I could wine and dine in our basement.

On to our week....

Life keeps getting in the way, but at least we are enjoying it! Our schedule should get more normal and open up a few more days for schooling but this week we had a crazy busy week!
Monday- Dance
Wednesday-Doctors and Groceries (ALL DAY and not by choice!)
Thursday- Storytime at the library and Homeschool/stART project(Whoohoo for one day!)
Friday- Storytime at the library (for Anna) and errands after nap.

So, on Thursday Kaelyn wrote her letter B page...and I'm so excited about her passion for being an author and illustrator. We also discussed the author and illustrator of each of the six books we read from the library.
What is so amazing, is that she is actually starting to remember her "letter" sight words without using flashcards! I LOVE THIS! So far she reads At and Be by sight, and that is with NO FLASHCARDS, just by her writing a page for her book and reinforcing it through asking her to read it when we come across them in books! We are planning on going to the Aquarium tomorrow and after nap working on the C page and the sight word Can. 
    Anna works on the wipe board while Kaelyn works on her worksheets. Kaelyn worked on Sorting and Matching sheets without my assistance. Not only did she do an exceptional job at cutting, she took my constructive comments and fixed her mistakes on her next worksheet! Her handwriting is drastically improving, and she's starting to become interested in using lowercase letters. I also love that she kept requesting more worksheets to complete on her own!

She has been adding and subtracting items without instruction (while playing with her sister, "Here Anna, you have 1,2,3...3 cookies, now if you eat one, you have 2 cookies left) all the way to zero. It's her game that she is playing, and so I'm not asking her to connect her "game" to a number sentence (1+1=?). I think that once we work out a three day a week schedule we will start to work on Math more.

Kaelyn has really enjoyed doing puzzles this week and is managing to do 70+pieces  by herself (if we can keep her sister away).  She has also started to instruct Anna on what color things are and what shapes things are! I love this about homeschooling! Kaelyn is being raised to not only learn on her own, but to help Anna learn!

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Raising a Happy Child said...

It's fascinating to see how different children have different strength. My daughter can read, but she is not interested in writing and cannot manage even 24 piece puzzle without help. Kaelyn is doing great with her studies!

Our Cozy Little Book and Art Corner said...

that is a great preschool corner! my youngest loves puzzles too!

those pizzas are adorable.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I left you an award at

Debbie said...

How wonderful that her handwriting is coming along. Selena is just now showing an interest in tracing letters, mostly capital letters.

Brandie said...

Thanks you guys! The pizzas were super delicious too!

Writing started on her own...and she's progressed greatly without doing a lot of "practice" sheets.

It is very interesting to see how their interest/strengths direct their learning! I love that homeschooling allows them to grow at their own pace as opposed to pressuring them to be good at everything all the time.

Jolanthe said...

Those heart shaped pizzas are so cute!!! Can I come over for dinner? :)

Don't you love how our kids teach each other things!! I love overhearing my older ones teaching our younger ones things. :)

Debbie said...

Mandy, There are so many times well like today when you asked about our reading program that I would love to just shoot you off an email. Would you mind sending me your email, I will understand if you don't want to, but it would make it easier to answer questions and share. my email is ingolddebs at