Friday, February 5, 2010

The Dangers of being a Stay at Home Mom

Laugh, go ahead and laugh...but I'm completely serious...this is a DANGEROUS job and I'm not just talking about sleep deprivation, poor diet, insanity...I'm talking about the really tangible the minefield that is the toy room, or the completely innocent looking things like a child's Scarf on your Staircase that will sneak up and trip you....and as your pregnant self goes flying down the last five steps, you'll sprain your finger so bad that you almost ruin date night and a paid babysitter with a trip to the ER. Instead, out of a desire to have said date night and not blow the $10/hr highschooler with hours in the ER, you suck it up and wait until the next afternoon. End up having to have x-rays EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE PREGNANT because the doctors are 90% sure it's broken. Luckily, it's not, but joy for you that you get to sport a really AWESOME splint for the next two weeks...

I'm telling you, we stay at home parents should get hazard duty pay. Last week it was the infamous Stomach Bug of 2010 and this week it's a hurt finger...I need a vacation


Elizabeth Ann said...

I agree! Here's my little rant about Staying Home, where the sick pay, vacation time, and advancement opportunities stink! LOL