Thursday, February 18, 2010

stART: Snow

This is a really COOL concept of reading a book and creating an ART project/craft to extend the story. I have been seeing this done on a lot of the homeschooling blogs that also participate in the Weekly Preschool Corner and thought it sounded like fun. If your interested, jump on over to A Mommy's Adventures and join in stART.

Kaelyn picked the theme for her library books this week, and she was inspired by all the SNOW!
This was after the first "big" snow...we were hit by a second soon after.

I can't say I can blame her...that is A LOT of snow in our back we read
Snow by Manya Stojic at the suggestion of our librarian. It's a sweet story of how some animals prepare for winter and how spring is just around the corner!
For our art project, the girls each had black construction paper and were asked to draw snowflakes like a page in the book (it's really a striking illustration and popped out at me before I even picked this book for our first stART).

Here are the girls working on the pages...Anna was quickly tired of it and moved to sitting on the counter while I prepped for dinner. But Kaelyn continued (after she complained that she would really like to be using a marker and not chalk)....and here is her finished product!

(Warning, a very bad picture of my child follows, she refused to smile and choose to roar instead)

All of her snow and her snowman! Please excuse her face...she wasn't going to smile, so she roared...I don't bother asking why anymore.

other books that we are reading are:

By the way,  I am LOVING the Why is it cold? Just Ask's way more on Kaelyn's level than the Magic School Bus books although those are favorites as well!


Raising a Happy Child said...

I thought that Kaelyn looked rather cute with her finished project. Thanks for heads up on "Just Ask" series - I'll look for it in our library.

Brimful Curiosities said...

Ooh, we haven't seen Snow by Manya Stojic yet. Looks like a good one.