Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's a beautiful thing

    From the beginning, we knew that these two were going to be close. It all started the day I walked out of the kitchen and saw Kaelyn holding Anna's tiny two weeks old hand and tucking her very special Blankey around her in front of the TV. Kaelyn had accepted Anna, shared with her, and embraced her completely.

    We love watching this bond develop, deepen and grow. These two girls are as different as night and day. Kaelyn is very calm, patient almost to a fault, bright, non-confrontational, questioning and aims to please. Anna is curious, analytical, rebellious but learning obedience, aggressive(lets her opinion be known) and rambunctious. 

    What amazes me is that we have been talking to Kaelyn about her responsibility to stand up for those who are smaller than her or those without the ability to do so. This is asking a lot out of my timid child, the one who wouldn't voice a complaint until it was absolutely necessary. I love seeing Kaelyn start to embrace this responsibility, especially when it comes to her sister. Mostly, because I know it is so against her nature and is the complete reflection of her love for her sister.

        Recently, a young boy knocked Anna over at the aquarium...Kaelyn responded by first helping her sister up and assuring her that it was okay, then turned on the boy and said "EXCUSE ME, you DON'T knock my sister over, now tell her you are sorry."

Now, Anna does just as good a job at sticking up for her sister although it comes in a different manner. Generally, she checks on her sister and gives the other person what I like to call "the stink eye".  The other thing that I absolutely love about Anna is that if she can't help her sister feel better, or "fix" it by saying she's "sorry", she'll  walk over to where her sister is crying and sit beside her...rub her back or just cry with her. 

Talk about a bond that doesn't need words...the bond of a sister, a friend, a confidant who will not just try and fix your problem, but will go so far as to apologize for life, and when nothing works, will sit beside you in your moment of distress and rub your back or cry with you, beside you, and for you.

It truly is a beautiful thing.


Our Cozy Little Book and Art Corner said...

aww what sweet sisters!
mine are not close in age (one is 9 one is 3) but they are close and stick up for each other!

Kim said...

This IS beautiful! I love the way she protects her sister!

Brandie said...

Thanks guys, don't think they aren't without their fights though...Ryan and I are of the opinion that it's okay for siblings to fight like cats and dogs, as long as they stand up for each other.