Monday, February 8, 2010

Falling Madly and Deeply

I'm probably not like most Moms, meaning that at the moment I first hold my children, I don't find myself spiraling headfirst into love. That's not to say that I don't love my child, it's just not that crazy journey where you loose all sense of rhyme or reason (although Rhyme and Reason disappear due to sleep deprivation, but that's a whole different post). I do love my kids, as soon as I know they are in my womb, I would do anything for them...anything. I don't find myself falling crazy in love with my girls until they start to show who they are, and the more I get to know them, and what makes them tick, the more I find myself helplessly lost to that love.

Anna is the kind of child who would make you swear off having more. She's bright, mischievous and require near constant supervision...with that said, she's a charmer and you can't help but LOVE her! Here lately, I've watched this spunky girl develop a massive heart. She's showing such an amazing capacity for love and kindness at her wee 18 months, and I can't help but fall even deeper in love with her.

Here is what she's been up too,
We were upstairs recently after I had showered and Kaelyn asked for a snack (very politely), I told her No since I was naked and NOT about to tramps through my home for the sack of a snack. Next thing I know, Anna slips downstairs and I hear her moving around chairs and opening cabinets, as I'm about to go downstairs to see what she's up to (because she's almost ALWAYS up to something) she walks in my room holding a box of Cheerios and hands it to her sister and says "ere oo go".

At ChicFila the other day, we were sitting next to our good friend and her son Link (5 mos) who was trying out a high chair next to Anna. Anna broke up her LAST nugget into bite sized pieces and put them in front of Link. She wanted to share, and not only share, but make sure they were the right size! People, Anna is a CHUNK and doesn't like to share food, but here she was sharing with Link.

If she sees her sister getting bullied, she takes care of her (I know this sounds backwards, but Kaelyn is such a non-aggressive person and Anna is her protector when she can, and vice versa). If Kaelyn starts to cry, Anna runs to her, hugs her, and if that doesn't work, will sit beside her and either wait it out or have a sympathy cry.

Anna is slowly developing a heart that surpasses her mischievous streak...and I can't help but love her even more.


Keli said...

Oh my goodness. Your Anna sounds like my son, Aiden. He's 18 months and he is such a character! When I tell him or his brother "no" he looks at me and grins then does it anyway. :) They sure are fun aren't they?
(I wanted lots more kids but now I'm rethinking this... LOL)

Leslie said...

So sweet! I was a madly, deeply kind of person very quickly. (Maybe not that very first moment, but pretty quickly.) HOWEVER, I fall deeper every single day as I see more of who she is and what her heart is.

My favorite Tucker's heart story is that her daycare teacher told us (in her last room, so a months and months ago) that she is the Mother Hen of the classroom. Whenever another baby cries about something, Tucker goes and finds their lovey (paci, blanket, etc.) and brings it to them. She knows what everybody's lovey is and knows when they need it. At the time, she didn't have a lovey (other than her fingers), which made this empathy even more special to me. :)

Them growing a heart does wonders for growing our hearts, huh? haha!