Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why does your son reek of Olive Oil? And other Random Madness

       So the next time you pick up my little man, and you suddenly have the urge to wipe your bread across his scalp, you'll now know why. Poor guys has HORRIBLE cradles cap and nothing has worked. So now, I am trying olive oil. Despite the strong odor and urge to gobble him up, it doesn't seem to be doing much. Any suggestions to help with cradle's cap?

      Kaelyn has started trying to use reverse psychology on me on a near to regular basis. The first time, I had fed her lunch and she asked for chips. I told her that after she woke up from nap, if she picked up her room she could have them for snack. So, Kaelyn decides to forgo lunch in the hopes of eating chips. She wakes up, doesn't pick up and it is now time to go. She starts to complain about being hungry to which I tell her, you made these choices and will now have to wait until we are back home. This is what she threw back at me.
"Mom, you want me to grow up and be big and strong right?"
"Yes I do Kaelyn."
"Then you should probably give me those chips."

Tonight's attempt at reverse psychology
"You want me to go to sleep right?"
"Yes, I do Kaelyn"
"I have to have chocolate milk to go to sleep."
"Well, that's unfortunate seeing as you didn't use your manners when you asked and how you have already had one glass of milk. Your more than welcome to get water."
"No, it has to be chocolate milk to work"
"Then I guess you'll just have to lay in your bed, in the dark, all night long until morning"

Anna has discovered how to climb on my cabinet knobs and turn on all the facets in an attempt to wash her hands. I have found all my sinks running simultaneously as she tests out this new found skill. I am expecting a very high water bill.

This will be my third attempt at successfully collecting and freezing a stool sample from Nolen. Trust me, I do not like doing this, but some how I have managed to bungle the attempt on more than one occasion. Luckily I have perfected the double bag, ziploc container, in it's own corner away from my frozen veggies method.

Kaelyn hid her eyedrops. I will probably have to call and ask for another prescription. Any suggestions on where a four year old might hid drops?

Have I mentioned that Anna now thinks clothing is completely optional.

Madness I say, complete madness.


Jennifer said...

Zoe had cradle cap horribly and I am sorry to say I never did find anything to help it. It just eventually happened that she grew in enough hair to largely cover it. I remember brushing her hair when she was two and discovering she still had a patch of it where the worst of it had been as a baby. Somewhere between two and three, it all finally cleared up. As for eye drops... when things go missing around here, Zoe stashes them in one of three places- behind the couch in the pile of blankets, between her bed and the wall or in one of her purses.

Kim said...

Baby oil worked for Crumpet's cradle cap. Kaelyn sounds like Crumpet with the reverse psychology. And he used to hide stuff in our shoes... good luck!!

Laura said...

I've heard coconut oil can work wonders for all sorts of skin dryness issues. Lots of stores have it in the organic food section, or it can be ordered on Amazon or from other online retailers. Instead of running around looking for it, I'd just call around first.

It is a solid, but melts to an oil when warmed. (In my pantry, it stays liquid because of the CA heat.) If it's solid, just take a bit out and warm it and you'll see it melt to an oil.

Brandie said...

I tried Coconut oil and Jojoba oil. They didn't work. But, I did borrow a friends eczema (sp?) cream and it improved almost immediately! So, wrong diagnosis. What we (the docs and I) thought was cradles cap was in reality...Eczema(sp?)