Monday, November 29, 2010

Meal plan Monday- Dairy and almost Soy free

So, as advised by Nolen's doctors, I am trying a Dairy Free (and added Soy free myself) diet in the hopes that it will rule out a milk and soy allergy as the cause of his constant diarrhea since his admitance to the hospital. With that said...Milk and Soy are in virtually everything, so this first menu is kinda my first attempt.

Today- I made my base for two (maybe three meals) using left over roast veggies and turkey from thanksgiving. It's basically Chicken Stock, Chicken Breast, Roast Veggies, Seasoning, Celery and Potatos. I ate it as Chicken Soup for lunch (the girls had a sandwich with cheese and bread that has whey in it).

Dinner- Individual Chicken Pot Pies. I'm taking my Chicken Base and mashing the potatos for thickness, filling pie crusts (milk free/soy free) and baking until crust is done since the base is already cooked

Lunch- Leftover Pizza for the kids, a Salad with my homemade dressing (Most dressings on the shelf use Vegetable oil, which has soy in it).

Dinner- Roast made in the crockpot with lots of veggies (I'll be using an onion soup packet mix...which has trace amounts of soy...but I don't think it should count because when listing allergies it doesn't include Soy, it only says that it's made in a factory that uses soy).

Lunch-Roast Sandwich (using the bread I found that is milk free!)
Dinner- Pan fried Tilapia, Fresh Veggies, Garlic bread

We will be gone for all meals (which means I will have to be googling things that are milk free for me to eat or packing lunch/dinner)

Lunch-Dirty Rice (left over Tilapia, onions, bell pepper, celery and beans)
Dinner-I'll be Christmas Shopping while the girls eat dinner at Parent's night out.

Lunch-Might be out...We have the Christmas party that morning
Dinner-Chicken Base with beans and rice added to make it a hearty soup for the girls, with Grilled cheese!


More Meals at Meal Planning Monday!


welcome to our wonderland said...

wow good luck hope this works and you figure out what the little guy is allergic too.

google vegan stuff most of that is dairy and sometimes soy free.

i'm vegetarian and almost vegan (no dairy for me i'm lactose intolerant) so i can help you some.

just email me: welcometoourwonderland at yahoo dot com

welcome to our wonderland said...

oh BTW your meals sound yummy! let me know how you like the bread!!!

and good luck christmas shopping I'm done with all the kids now for the adults.

had to go out today with my youngest to get the st nicholas gift found a kind cashier that hide the items :)

Kim said...

Oh man, I don't envy you. I had to do this when Crumpet was a baby, and was shocked at how much food was eliminated. When you are breastfeeding, it's hard enough to eat enough food. I was always starving. Essentially you have to eliminate all processed food. So healthy for you, but hard too. Good luck!

Brandie said...

I definitely need to look up Vegan- Good Idea!

Kim- You are 100% right. It will be very healthy (having to sub in lots of fruits/nuts/veggies for snacks to help with the incredible breastfeeding appetite I have) and it means almost no processed food.

It's not hard unless I am having to travel, then I find myself stuck between eating or not because I don't know what is "safe" at resturants yet.