Saturday, November 27, 2010

I am thankful for Life.

           Call it cheesy, but this year, I am  finding myself  thankful for life. Not just the happy go lucky parts, but the bare knuckles, rough and tumbled parts. Why? I've learned that it's those rough and tumbled parts that polish you into a more beautiful person. The kind of person who realizes that even at your worst you have something to be thankful for, even if it's as small as the next breath.

 We have a tradition of writing what we are thankful for on a table cloth in permanent ink.

Each year we sit at the table and enjoy our food with reminders of our blessings in the past, the friends we have shared this meal with and the reminders of the blessing from that current year.

This year, these are our new blessings-
I wrote that I was thankful for love that knows no distance, strengthens in moments of weakness and grows without end.
Kaelyn wrote that she was thankful for the food God made us.
Catherine (my friend's daughter who is also four) wrote that she was thankful for the Three Musketeers and that her Daddy is going to come home from fighting the bad guys (her dad is also deployed)
Kari (my friend who shared this holiday with me, and helped me assemble the table we ate on) wrote that she was thankful for friends who are there in the good times and the bad.
Hunter and Anna just wrote. :)
I hope you and yours had a joyful holiday weekend! I've got lots of updates on Nolen and the girls!


Jennifer said...

What a beautiful tradition! I wish I had thought of this.. over our 12 years as a military family we have shared Thanksgiving with many different families that have come and gone as well as some of our own family that has been here to visit at times. It would be wonderful to have all those thoughts and memories there to see each year.

Happy Thanksgiving!