Monday, June 7, 2010


So, over at the Nesting Place the amazing thrifty decorator was discussing how she uses collections of items to keep her home from feeling cluttered as well as to make big impacts. I really want to copy her wall of empty frames (as seen would totally deter my kids from touching the wall and looks AMAZING! I love it!)  She invited us all to show off our own collections and here is mine...

Our only requirement for bottles to make it to the mantle is that they must be one of the following
 1. Good bottles of wine, as in ones we want to purchase again
2. Mark a special occasion (we have our tradition of having a bottle of champagne on the eve of our first home or last night at a Base
3. Have really pretty labels...because I like that sort of thing!

My mantle wraps around, and the white wall is due to cathedral cielings that I refuse to paint myself or pay someone to paint. I'm not happy with the placement of the bottles, and that burgandy candle REALLY needs to get burned down to an appropriate height...but there it collection!


butterfly wishes and Wonderland Dreams said...

hey is everything ok? you haven't posted in ages