Friday, June 4, 2010

Preschool Corner: Mermaids/Water Cycle

Mermaids and the water cycle....completely not related, but Kaelyn went nuts in the library about finding mermaid books (We walked away with one that discussed the history of Mermaids, one about the legend of Atlantis because Posidean looked like a mermaid, and of course...Ariel). Kaelyn has also been bugging me about who makes it rain. So to answer her questions this was what our week consisted of.

To tag along on our Mermaid/Ocean theme, we bought a lobster and talked about the different parts, that it has an Exoskeleton and how it ate. She was really excited about it! Then a night later we ate it...yummy!

Then we did some work on introducing the water cycle....and an experiement using a cotton ball and water to show how a "cloud" gets "heavy" with water vapor (by sitting in the water), and then rains the water droplets out. We are still working on the water cycle, but here are some great resources I have used!

I also am reading the Magic School Bus Wet All Over book, which I LOVE! We reviewed the concept of Buoyancy last week by reading Magic School Bus Floats...and did the experiment at the end!

Math/History: We are still working on coins here. Kaelyn can easily recognize Abraham Lincoln from our Penny work, as well as recognize pennies. We just started Quaters and George Washington! We did quarter rubs, where you place a quarter under a piece of paper and rub over the top to see the engravings better.

Reading: WE ARE FINALLY READING PEOPLE!! I have started using Hubbard's Cupboard site word curriculum and her four year old about a break through! While I was absent, Kaelyn has picked up various site words like-
the    on    we    will  I  see  at   a
As well as started sounding out more words on her own! The breakthrough came when Anna my youngest tried to start going potty and every time she went she got a treat. Kaelyn wanted a treat too, so I made her read. Who knew food was going to be the key to her reading?

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I'm momma Skyla said...

Oh my gosh! Mermaids, lobsters, and the water cycle! My daughter would love to be in your family!!! What fun ideas you had! Great work, mom!!!

Debbie said...

I love the pictures of Kaelyn with the lobster! We did the cotton ball and water here as well, then I went big with the explanation of rain, Selena loved it!

My post is here:

Great job in the reading department! Food is the answer to everything I think at this age!