Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where in the World is Brandie???

Oh where, oh where can she be?

She could have been found at the USO Sesame Street Performance...but she's not there anymore

Or at her house making gift buckets and this cake...but she's moved on
And if you had been at the local Chuckie Cheese on the 26th of would have seen her there

Could she be in Philly? 
Nope, she was never there, she was at home in bed sleeping!
On May 14 and 15th you could have found her at Yellowstone Park 
napping under the trees with Anna
or Celebrating her 24th Birthday with BooBoo Bear and the kiddos...all the kiddos!
and glowing with pride as both her girls caught their first fish on Princess Poles no less!

(Anna was all about fishing, until something actually came up on her line!)

(fish number two for Kaelyn, who was very tired!)

And had you been ANYWHERE near my house the night before Aunt Brittany left with Anna for California and Ryan returned from would have found me playing DD for my best friends!


All this to say, that I am at home now, with Ryan and Kaelyn. Ryan will be leaving soon...and will be gone most of the month of June, hence the reason we decided to have Aunt Brittany take sweet Anna with her to California (could you imagine me alone with two kids on the L&D ward??? I don't think so!). We have some really big things happening in June (Kaelyn's has birthday parties out her ears, followed by a baby shower, my parents coming out, Dance Recital and the end of Swim Lessons!).  

I also owe you guys some GREAT photos of all the hard work Aunt Brittany did in our home and the baby's room! So exciting! July is just around the corner, and I usually go about 4-5 weeks we might have some MAJOR announcements (like gender and a name) coming very soon! It's great to have my computer back and to finally be able to update you all! Sorry for the absence!