Wednesday, February 16, 2011

That little snot!

The girls have our old iPhones because I have become *that* parent...the one I swore I would never be! I figure all you "No video games for my kids parents" can talk to me after multiple doctors and physical therapy appointments in one day...and then judge my decison. But be forewarned...this is one of my best parenting concessions to date.

This morning...Kaelyn, in all her sweetness, walked up to me holding her phone, "Mom check this out" and holds up the phone to show me the pictures she took.

I feigned interest, expecting yet another montage of random blurry shots. She could tell and decided to narrate with a very proud grin.
 "These are the towels on the floor," she succeded in getting my full attention as I saw the blurry shape of white which could only be the pile of towels waiting to be washed,"and this is a picture of my blanket on the floor, and these are the toys on the floor, and this is a picture of the dishes in the sink. This house is a mess! See all these things"

*she keeps flipping photo after photo*

As I mentally thanked her for the digital "to-do" list, I looked up and said "Well, now you know what needs to be done".


Melonie said...

Anybody that complains about the iPhone to you can go with you to keep your kiddos occupied then. heehee

I've found some really great - and educational - apps for my kids for my iTouch. I'm sure you have too; but I've noticed my son enjoys the camera the most too. I do like your response to your daughter did she use it as a to-do list for herself on her blanket and toys? I'll cross my fingers and hope. LOL

Kim said...

ah,how helpful of her. I've given into a lot of the computer madness. I think it's the reality of the modern age. And now we have a bargaining chip with Crumpet...