Friday, February 11, 2011

Preschool review: Hearts and more Basics!

So this week has been pretty awesome as far as homeschooling goes.
Kaelyn continues to  progress with Reading and she enjoys her new reading corner (I'll put up pictures later), Anna has started signing her alphabet although she really doesn't like to actively do anything yet.

Kaelyn worked on she made this cool fence.

Then we sorted colors, counted and graphed the results. We "predicted" which color would have the most hearts, which would have the least and the "evaluated" the results.

We made "heart snowflakes"!!! And decorated them.
And we also talked about recycling. We turned toilet paper rolls into heart garland and took the broken crayons and made them into heart shaped multi colored crayons for our friends.
The girls painted them, and I cut and poked holes. Then the girls threaded the ribbon through!

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Madonna said...

Loved your heart crafts! (Visiting from Preschool Corner)