Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We are seizure free!!!

We were released today with a "Seizure free" ruling!!! I'm soo excited and relieved. Now we can focus on his GI issues, liver issues and other minor lab abnormalities. We made it home before the snow/ice/rain mix fully hit the area. Learned a cool new meteorological term, compliments of where the Air Force has stationed us...apparently we are having Thundersnows...sounds made up huh?

Not nearly as cool as the Dustnados we had in Oklahoma!

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Kim said...

Congratulations! Awesome news. And thundersnows. I do believe that is my new favorite word!!

Melonie said...

YAY!!!! :-)

Jennifer said...

Yay! I am so happy for you! Did he have one of the episodes while he was hooked up so they could determine what it was?

welcome to our wonderland said...

thundersnows are pretty major so is freezing fog not fun at all!

CONGRATS!!!!! on your news that is wonderful news!!!

Welcome to the Blue Eagle Family! said...

He did have a few staring episodes (which was our most common episode), and they ruled them out. He did not have a "head nod" episode, but those have become less frequent so we are hoping that they are just him having strange baby movements.