Monday, January 24, 2011

A One Computer Family, A little white lie, and a trip to the hospital

So, unfortunately we are down to one laptop. This probably wouldn't be a problem from most families, but Ryan is completing his Masters, trying to catch up on work AND doing taxes while for some reason unbeknownst to me, my boss is selling houses like the economy is good and I am trying to send out contracts, comps and post new listings. In addition to all of this, I am working on a second blog for my volunteer spot with Ryan's squadron. Needless to say, computer time is virtually non-exisitant and this blog has long been forgotten. What I an app for my phone where I can blog....any suggestions????

Now on to my little white lie and the hospital stay.
 Nolen was having frequent seizure like movement and it was really freaking me out in early December late November. As his other issues and general health improved these seizures seemed to slow down (meaning I noticed them less...but it could also have been tied to the fact that I started moving him back into his crib). I lied. Yep, I HATE lieing and it bothers me soo much that I'm actually admitting it here. I never to his doctors about this little glimmer of hope where his "episodes" slowed down. Nope. Sure didn't. Because like his diahrrea and other health issues that absolved for three weeks and have now returned in full force, I suspect that the "episodes" will pick up as well. So, the Neuro team finally have decided to test and see if these episodes are in fact seizures or just infantile movements. This means that I am leaving with Nolen for a 24 hour video EEG tomorrow! And believe me, taking an infant overnight into the hospital requires a lot of baggage!

I'm bummed that I haven't been able to update you guys on what all is occuring here at our home.
Kaelyn has started reading. I'm so excited for her because right now her reading issues aren't actual issues, it's more a lack of confidence. She's grasping the concept, putting phonics into use and sounding out words, now to get her to realize that she CAN do it! She's also counting past 30 without help...well on her way to 100 if she can just remember the teens changes. Adding and subtracting are becoming more automatic for her, although her number recognition beyond 10 is needing some serious attention.

Anna is doing well, refusing to learn her colors, but knows most of her shapes. She's starting to count beyond 7 on her own. Her abilities to dress herself, care for herself, and express herself never cease to amaze me! I have to remind myself that she isn't much over 2 frequently.

I have a lot of fun crafts planned for Valentine's and for the Chinese New Year! I only hope that we will have our second computer back in time for me to share:)

Now, I have to go get everyone ready for a return trip to Labs for more blood tests for Nolen (his Liver and Calcium levels are messed up a bit), therapy and then more packing for tomorrow's trip to CHOPS!