Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nesting Place/Dayspring-Danielson Design studio Giveaway

So, there is a giveaway being hosted at The Nesting Place by the lovely people of Dayspring-Danielson Design Studio. For playing around on their wonderful website and posting the amazing designs you are are entered into a random Mr. Linky selection!!! So here are my two designs!!! And if I don't win, I could very well be buying them anyways! LOL Those sneaky people at Dayspring knew that's what would happen!

Without further ado...

I would have to add Kaelyn's middle name to make it match.
Kaelyn's reads "In dreams you lose your heartaches, whatever you wish for you keep"
Anna's reads "If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true"
Both are from Cinderella...and I happen to like them!

So...go give it a try and link up at The Nesting Place, you might just be a winner.


The Claunch Family said...

I linked to your blog through the giveaway...reading the descriptions of your daughters on the right, they sound just like mine! So glad someone else has the joys (and not so joyful moments) of two girls like this!

CallanNMasonsMama said...

That's neat. Good job!