Friday, January 15, 2010

Delayed Goodwill trip=Hand of God?

*please see the addendum*
So, I've had about three bags of clothing and shoes (I don't let the girls cycle shoes down, I always buy theirs new and feel guilty about giving those less fortunate worn shoes when I treat my own kids "better") waiting to get dropped off. In all honesty, I've had to move those bags out of my hybrid trunk (aka TINY) to allow for grocery shopping on more than one occasion. So today, when I get a phone call from my darling husband asking me if we had any winter clothing to donate, I felt the wave of guilt rush on. I told him yes, and he said "Good, pack it up and bring it to the base. We are hosting 200 refugees in the gym who need clothes yesterday". THANK YOU LORD for not having me be productive and make it to Goodwill. I will be able to put shoes on 10 sweet little feet, coats on one lucky ladies bodies and provide some old maternity clothes to those in need! I choose to believe that God was the reason for my inability to make it to Goodwill!

*Within a few hours and before I could drop off my goods, the base gym was OVERWHELMED by donations! I am so proud to be associated with such an AMAZING community of people, with hearts that are so willing to give. Tomorrow, Kaelyn and I will be preparing "hygiene kits" for the people of Haiti. These kits will be delivered on the next air drop. I am so excited to expose Kaelyn to the idea of service and giving, and Kaelyn is very excited to help.