Thursday, January 7, 2010


So, yesterday was my first day of actually participating (I was traveling, as in various airports at various moments!), and I really feel confidant that I can in fact read the Bible in 90 days. Granted, I did read a little too much (I still haven't convinced my laptop that it's old friends with my printer....they are currently not talking so I had to try and remember what I was suppose to read. All I could recall was Exodus 20-40). Since I finished part of tonight's reading last night, I will take this chance to catch up on the readings I have missed.

Exodus was a firm reminder that I am so ever grateful for Jesus and his sacrifice! All the rules and regulations regarding the construction to the Temple, sanctification, offerings, etc were overwhelming. Amidst all that I did find that there was one verse repeated about three times. This verse was speaking to the Israelite's and gently reminding them, that they should be mindful of how they treat "aliens" because they were once treated as outsiders in Egypt (Exodus 22:21, 23:9).  I think it would serve as a nice reminder for how we should treat people in our own nation/community/church/family.

I also found great joy in Exodus 23:2, "Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong".  We (Ryan and I), have recently started trying to set this expectation for Kaelyn (3 1/2) and her behavior. Rarely is she taking part of a naughty behavior, but we are called to do more than just not take part of that wrong doing, we are called to be different than the crowd and stand against the wrong.