Friday, March 4, 2011

My homeschooling Secret Weapon

Audio books are my secret homeschooling weapon! The girls LOVE them, they buy me about 15 mins while also counting as "educational". Matter of fact, this post WOULD NOT be happening if it wasn't for an audio book rented from the library!

I like to say it works on Anna, my 2 year olds, listening skills....she is now very good at knowing when to turn the page, while Kaelyn has excellent listening skills, it teaches her how to use inflection with her book as well as reading comprehension. I've picked up a few really cheap audio books from the Dollar Tree (Jonah and the Whale, Jack and the Beanstalk, Noah's Ark and Cinderella). While the biblical ones have songs following the story, the classics have questions. Kaelyn has started answering the questions outloud.

In addition to audio books, my lovely Mama Dot (aka my Grandma) bought the girls a subscription to Highlights and it has an audio book option on it's website! LOVE IT! The girls will sit and flip through their stack of three highlights while I cook dinner.

I know my posts have been scarce these past few weeks, and there is a LOT going on in my life (I'd really enjoy a slow down) and to better serve my family, my job, my volunteer position, I've had to let things slide. Once I get the handle I'll be back in full force, but for now I am going to squeeze in a shower while Snow White finishes on audio!

What are your homeschool secret weapons/tricks? I would love to diversify!

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Butterfly Wishes and Wonderland Dreams said...

my homeschool secret weapon is art but you might not want that it could get messy.

another great secret weapon is to set out 3 toys at night while they are sleeping so it is something new and exciting to see when they wake up.

most of sprites toys are up and we rotate them out so it seems fun and new.

we do workbox type stuff each night I set out 3 activities she hasn't done in awhile so they are fun.

sensory tubs and playdough are great too for some kids

Brandie said...

I love the idea of rotating toys. Once we hit the basement on our spring cleaning/purging marathon then I might be able to do that.

I did a sensory bin yesterday with shredded paper. It was Sooo worth the mess! And, believe it or not, I had forgotten about our playdough! Thanks for the reminder!