Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finding a few things difficult to swallow

- Nolen might be having seizures...considering the episodes I have seen AND the fact that 50% of all Encephalitis cases result in's probably more of an is and less of a might.

- That a full recovery is unlikely given his age and the fact that a full recovery hasn't already occurred. The younger you are the worse off you are, especially if you are under 1 according to Encephalitis sites and Acquired Brain Injury sites.

- That by listing him as disabled (we've had the papers written out and the note from the doctor, we just delayed doing so) DOES NOT mean I'm giving up on him. It is simply the best decision for everyone in our family.

In other news, he's just as happy as he was the day he came. Nolen seems to have gotten the best of both Ryan and I. You see, Kaelyn has my temperament, she's an old soul whose feathers are hard to ruffle. But, when she breaks...she breaks. Just like me. Anna, she has a curiosity streak a mile wide (which leads her to mischief) but she has a giant heart and the charm and wit of her Father to redeem her. Nolen seems to have both my temperament (a very laid back child) and Ryan's charm (boy can he light up a room with his smile!).


Make It Happen Mama said...

Our son was born with microtia/atresia and an accompanying hearing impairment. No one really prepares you for the grieving process that goes along with having a child with a disability, and even once you deal with the initial adjustment, there are little things (like having him labeled "disabled") that make it hurt all over again. Praying for your family during this difficult time!