Friday, October 15, 2010

Preschool Corner-Almost Unschooling

So, for those few of my readers who don't homeschool, there is this movement of what people call "unschoolers" who believe that everyday life should teach our children a well balanced education. I think in some ways these individuals are 100% correct. This past week has been more like UNschooling or Life Schooling than anything else. Our week of life school was really full of lots of unplanned educational things...I'm pretty satisfied with our week!

Monday was a family day with Ryan's impending Deployment until Next year and Tuesday was MOPS. And well, we had two playdates and a doctors appointment!! Busy all around.

We have managed to keep up our "circle" time routine of discussing the day of the week, the date, today/tomorrow/yesterday, and the month. I was shocked that on Thursday, when we went to the Comissary (military grocery store), Kaelyn stopped and looked at me and Anna and says, "What is the weather like today? Is it rainy?" To which Anna said, "No"...until they had narrowed down what the weather was, then they asked me to help with the date and the day of the week!!! Then during our playdate, all of the kids had sat down in their chairs in front of our circle time board and went through the same motions!

Anna has been picking up more and more colors as well as shapes this week just through everyday life. Again, at the grocery store we were looking for Grapes and I asked which they wanted RED or GREEN. She can match her colors and point to the correct one when prompted but is still learning how to label correctly.

Kaelyn's been really inquisitive this week about how things are we've been discussing the process of making things as well as making her an awesome Halloween Costume.

It really needs a fluffy slip to fill out the satin underskirt..
Kaelyn learned how to measure using a tape measurer, cut a pattern, pin a pattern, sew a seam and make alterations after a garment has been made. She also started making Patterns out of the blue one day so that has been our latest game. I'll start a pattern (verbally, so I'll say pink yellow blue pink yellow *pause*) and then let her finish it. Then she'll start a pattern and I'll finish it.

It was nice to have a week full of free drawing and life learning!!! Here's what other families have been up too...Preschool Corner


welcome to our wonderland said...

you are doing so great! you are amazing seriously you deserve an award Mom of the Year.

I love her costume you did an amazing job.

How is Nolen? we pray for him daily :)

Hugs Shannon

Brandie said...

Nolen's officially off the tube. He is still my little dough boy/sack of improvement in muscle strength or tone. He has developed GREAT head control but still can't lift (but is starting to clear his nose ever so often by moving his face to the side and then laying down!!!). With Nolen it's like I'm looking at itsy bitsy baby steps. With the girls and him before he had gotten sick I wouldn't have even noticed if he was lifting his head enough to clear his nose, but now that tiny movement is a promising step forward, albeit a micro step!

Debbie said...

That is such a cute costume! We are doing more unschooling here too, and believe me I love it. It is so natural and so much more relaxed. I do believe since this seems to be Selena's learning curve, we will continue this pattern unless suddenly she changes on us.

Brandie said...

Thanks about Kaelyn's costume...I LOVE to sew, it's one of my outlets for stress. Nothing quite like taking a piece of canvas or fabric and creating something to make you feel accomplished/in control/peaceful

Brandie said...

Debbie- O how I have missed you and Selena!!! It's so nice to let them enjoy life and learn at the same time. Sometimes I feel like the less forced/structured our time is the more we get accomplished, but then others we desperately NEED the structure. I'm hoping to find a nice balance!

kewkew said...

Hi, I saw your comment over at Debbie's blog and stopped on over to say hi. I have also been looking into unschooling, though because of my personality I could never go that route totally, I am definitely more relaxed. The girls love our "lesson time" and doing crafts.
Was reading up on Nolen and just wanted to let you know I would be praying.

Kim said...

I'm a huge believer in learning from real life! I'm too much of a control freak to get rid of the books completely, but i try not to let them rule our lives! Great week.

Jennifer said...

Wow! How rewarding to have the things you have been teaching them come back at you. It sounds like they are really picking things up. When my son started preschool, I missed him so much and just waited until he came home every day. My daughter has a very explosive personality, though, and I am really having a hard time dealing with it. It makes me HAPPY to drop her off at preschool and then I feel guilty for wanting to get rid of my daughter for a little while.

I got your comment on my soccer post. "Highlighter team" haha! I LOVE that! I looked on our schedule and it looks like our teams play each other October 28. I will definitely look for you there!