Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I am fortunate to be one of five children. My siblings and I spread a wide range of 13 years, and this gap of years means that the older two didn't really "click" with the younger two initially. I am one of the younger two and I totally get how we must have been annoying little pests at age 6 to our highschool/college counterparts. Despite the gap, we were close, but recently something magical has happened...we all grew up and were able to sit down for a meal together, as equals.

Dena, Jeff (who was getting married the next day) and his New Brother In Law

Me and JJ

And Angelica/Sara and my brother Daniel who escaped my pictures!

We gathered together for the first time ever, had a drink (water and ice cream for the groom, it's a tradition...on my wedding night I had water and ice cream as well), food, and lots of laughter.

Which brings me to this, I love family...even my functionally dysfunctional one who can simultaneously make me laugh and want to scream. In a bind, they are there to hold your sick son so that you can shower

They take all your children (and nieces) out to get their nails done for a wedding

They laugh with you

They cry with you, they pray for you, and they celebrate with you! I am so thankful that for all our faults, issues, and disagreements, we got the chance to stand by my baby brother and welcome our newest sibling into our dysfunctional family (and yes, she was fairly warned).

Congrats Jeff and Welcome to the family Jenny!


Jennifer said...

I love that the "welcome to the family" shot is of Jenny with cake all over her face! Awesome!