Friday, October 29, 2010

More Life Learning

See that Giant Black Tub??? I have loaded up the most frequently used arts and crafts items into it and started leaving it out on the table for the girls to find in the morning!

I also tucked in some Halloween stickers, ghost cut outs and stamps. The girls have REALLY enjoyed this laid back, cut/color/cleanup into one giant tub approach! So much so that I even snuck a few worksheets under it in hopes of encouraging Kaelyn to do some "work" without her noticing it. Low and behold this is what she did!

Instead of tracing the animals, she cut them out! She did a REALLY good job as well!!

This free-range craft/worksheet approach keeps the girls entertained and allows them to learn and develop things at their own pace. I LOVE this more relaxed "unschooling"-esque approach!

Speaking of Life learning, one of the last things the girls did with Daddy before he left was examine this guy!


Who says Halloween isn't educational. They spent a good 15 minutes discussing bones and joints only to end up pointing out how inaccurate my $1 Halloween skeleton is...everyone is a critic!

Then we made cookies! Hello Counting, Direction following, Science and life skills!

Then Kaelyn worked on her 8 sight words (we added See/Sees, This, is, and Me). She actually started sounding out words today which is a HUGE Step for us!

Then she played illustrator and colored in the books as well as added her own special a Musketeer and Plaid fabric for the tent on the cover page!

Anna and I have been working really hard on labeling her shapes (like with colors, she does a great job pointing to the one you request but lacks the ability to label most). She knows (labels and recognizes on her own) heart, start and circle.

And this lovely little hand-me-down from my mom has been an AWESOME game for Kaelyn to play independantly (she picks a word tile adn then spells out the word underneath it). Anna has enjoyed playing it like a puzzle.

Here is the link for more homeschooling fun over at Preschool Corner!


welcome to our wonderland said...

great life school! montessori is life school and it is huge now :)

love your skeleton. :)

Sprite is doing sight words and reading simple I see a sentences :) don't you love seeing those "lightbulb" moments!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the animals on the web table cloth. I have never seen a giraffe in a web before.

Jennifer said...

Wow.. they are doing so well! It was great to meet you and your family yesterday!

Brandie said...

I loved meeting you too Jennifer.

Kim said...

Great week! I wish Sam would sit down with a bucket of craft stuff like that. We've tried it, and he has zero interest...How exciting that Kaelyn is sounding out words! Big step!